I Had Sex With A Baller In A Van Down By The River (Tell Everyone!)

pipedreamswould you tell people you had that?
yeah all these fine straight and baller wolves out here.
online especially.
i know.
it could be overwhelming.
you see them shirts off,
asses out,
and prints in tact and you want to be the one to say:

“i had that.”

when you’re 86 and looking back on your life,
fuck wealth and how comfortable you are,
you can pat yourself on the back for all the pipe/ass you had.
in life however,
you are going to meet a lot of people who claim they had such and such.
hell they may claim they had you.
in a world where you aren’t as good as who you fuck,
and the bigger the sexuality secret you expose the better,
i had to wonder…

Why are so many people trying to expose someone else’s private parts?

like this one here:

kerry31so yesterday i put up those cheeky shots sexy ass pre baller wolf, tray matthews.
im sure many people got off to the thought of having him.
who wouldn’t?
i got a comment that some jackal is claiming he “had some of that ass”.

yes they did.
someone wanted to let us know he was allegedly shining his “tray matthews” trophy proudly.
i personally didn’t believe it and i thought the person is an idiot who needed to be shot on sight.
even if you had him,
why do you feel the need to announce it now?
its not like you got a ps4 signed personally by the makers of sony.
the new  lead back up dancer for beyonce’s new tour with a solo,
or you figured out how many licks it takes to get the center of a tootsie pop.
this is someone you smashed and they trusted you with their sexuality.

tumblr_mvviorVAI51s3796ho1_400i could have said in making the entry:

“yeah i had tray matthews too.
he had me bent over a pool table,
while wearing a cowboy hat and shingles.”

all while dancing at all the likes and new followers i will receive by midnight.

yeah no.
i’ve learned how to keep secrets especially due to my profession.

i started to wonder about trust.
who can you trust anymore?
everyone including those in your circle are willing to sell you out.
now with people willing to sell you out for FREE,
it makes it hard to truly give 110% of yourself.
i have gotten a couple people trying to help me with jobs lately.
i’m truly grateful but honestly speaking,
i’m hesitant to jump in all the way.
meeting up for an innocent cup of coffee or job interview could turn into:

“yeah i had jamari fox.
we took him out to get kfc,
we got him drunk on chicken grease and free refills,
and me and my goons ran the train on him in a van down by the river.”

ive been threatened on this site before.
you never know who is planning a scheme these days,
which has me stagnant with expecting help.
no offense to those who are genuine but it comes with the territory now.
so i had to wonder…

What do you do when the person they expose is you?

19 thoughts on “I Had Sex With A Baller In A Van Down By The River (Tell Everyone!)

  1. I have looked at that gif over and over lol. Tray bad as SHIT. You go boi! If I was smashing him, I wouldn’t want anyone to know. Why ruin a good thing? Why out an athlete who is striving to be successful? I’m not that type of dude to expose someone. It’s just not right.

    People are willing to out everyone because they are just mean as fuck, and plus some people want to prove who they can pull. They want to show that they got it like that. If you truly got it like that you don’t have tell everyone who you had. Let these people confide in you, be a good friend, and enjoy the sex that comes with it. “What happens between us is not for them to know.” I’m all for that saying lol. I never let the others in. Some of these dudes be out of control, and they are out to get you. I can’t afford to be outed, I want to keep my female friends, and I don’t want every dude trying to get with me on the low. I personally don’t want every gay dude to know I like dudes cause I’m not sleeping with all of them, it’s that simple. They lust after me enough lol.

    S/N: “yeah i had jamari fox.
    we took him out to get kfc,
    we got him drunk on chicken grease and free refills,
    and me and my goons ran the train on him in a van down by the river.”

    Got him drunk on chicken grease and free refills. I can’t LMAO.. #Dead

  2. jamari I’m going to need for us to collaborate on an educate class once a week or something CTFU because tthese messy un educated hoes who be on here u shouldn’t even eentertain such foolery as that i dont understand these bitter (drama queens) who come on here night after nighft to bitch and pick fights and attack others coments because they dont have a Highschool) education to know whats being rude and whats not. i dont understand why complain about what you post instead of getting a life and not coming on here anymore? ??

  3. yea that a messy queen move to put all your business in the street I’ve never been a fan of the messy hoodrats who do that ghetto nonsense

  4. Well anyone ( including myself) who visits gossip sites reading rumors adding web hits to the site is just as bad as the web masters who post the rumors.If you find the the content of a site offensive don’t add to the web traffic thru web hits to the site.

  5. As I said before anybody who repeats a rumor or gossip, and gossips themselves is no better than the origin. Thats why people have a problem with you this I know.

    1. ^well this is where i’m going to stop you hov.

      when i said someone threatened me,
      i was speaking about you.
      what was it last week?
      two weeks ago?
      you said i should watch my back in new york because you and your band of misfits were going to “drag me”, was it?
      i don’t speak ragga and im too mature to be in the street fighting like some scallywag.
      to add insult to injury,
      you also said you take joy in my pain and struggles.
      i have actually had ballers that were in scandals hit me up,
      thanking me for seeing the objective in whatever i spoke about.
      i speak about gossip,
      as with all my blogging peers,
      but if the person being talked about did a dumb ass move then i’ll call them out for it.
      i wont “drag them” as you say,
      but i will offer an honest opinion on why that was a dumb ass move.
      you come on here and are too angry,
      or filled with so much hate and bitterness to actually see that.
      you’re alwats ready to fight,
      guns a blazing,
      calling me names,
      and for what?
      have i spoken about you?
      if i have please reveal yourself,
      but as i remember,
      you made your appearance when i was wrote about a picture of a spanish guy from jack’d,
      one of which i blocked out his face.
      i was sent the picture,
      from one of my readers,
      to add to a discussion we were having about latinos not liking/dating black men.
      you chose to pull something out mid air and run with it.
      ive wasted precious time addressing you about this situation so i’ll end it here,
      but to make it clear again that i was speaking about you.
      have a good night!

  6. This is a great read, Jamari.

    To me, discretion, trust and all that other stuff plays a huge role. I’m lowkey myself, but when I talk to other discreet dudes and we don’t work out; they never worry about me outing what they do and etc.
    Because if I wanted to get ignorant and blast their name to their family and all that, they could do the same.
    So I guess that’s where te phrase “only mess with those who have just as much to lose.”

  7. My comment on this topic is… Live a good life and don’t do anything you’re ashamed of, stand and be firm in your truth. If a person said they saw me hanging out with five white women, it’s probably true. But if someone said I blew them and three of their homies, I need year date time and video or pics , cuz anyone who knows me knows that don’t sound right. Ever since homosexuality had become more acceptable the queens have been outing guys, it’s just worse now because of technology. That’s why I said don’t do things you’re will be ashamed of later, make smart adult decisions, and the likelihood that you will ever get caught doing something messy is slim to none.

    1. ^okay richie what about in my situation.

      people reading want to help me with jobs,
      but im unsure about if i can trust anyone anymore.
      how does one handle that,
      especially for me who keeps myself private?

      im all for meeting someone,
      but being someone just threatened to “jump me” for no reason at all,
      as well as emails and other craziness,
      how do one protect themselves?

      1. Ok so what’s most important is knowing everyone does not have your best interest at heart. Go with your gut if you feel someone can help you, dont allow your desperation to lead you into situations that can hurt you. God always shows up on time, trust that you will be taken care of because even the birds eat. But as far as protecting yourself, and your anonymity, that’s what you do, it’s your schtick, and it works for you, you don’t owe anyone a personal appearance, but you’re a city boy, and a smart guy as well I’m sure between street smarts and book smarts you can protect yourself better than most

  8. “this is someone you smashed and they trusted you with their sexuality”

    I don’t think it’s that deep for some people.Speaking for myself, I care about my body and who I have sex with and I had to learn that the hard way but it didn’t take me fucking multiple people to realize that.Some people are sloppy and slutty.If you’re going to be out raw dogging and fucking every Tom, Dick, and Harry or Kim, Nicole, and Tina, then you really don’t trust anybody with your sexuality.I’m sorry to say this and be harsh but whores(both male and female) do not think about their sexuality in that way.There would be nobody to say “I had him/her” if you weren’t so busy unzipping and/or spreading your legs for whoever.

    I do think that it’s different in the Peanut case because they both seemed to have a relationship.I do think your quote matters in that case.When you break up with somebody, then it’s over.Delete all pics, drop whatever feelings you had and move on.

    If I have a one night stand with someone or have a fuck-buddy then I’m not really expecting anything from that person but a nut.We have no connection beyond the nutting so why would I expect anything more from that person like keeping are fling a secret.There was woman on TV whose had sex with over 100 men.Out of that 100, the probability of one saying “I had her” is a lot.Same with Wilt Chamberlain who had sex with like a thousand or more women.At some point, you have to be expecting that or else, don’t be messy and mess with messy people.

    1. ^i see your point zen.

      in the case of messing with people in the entertainment/sports industry,
      some of these people don’t start out messy.
      how many friendships have we seen go wrong and then that friend wants to put your business out there?
      they say your biggest enemy is someone who has known you for a long time.
      those are the ones you gotta watch like a hawk sad to say.

      1. I don’t know how to deal with that because I’m very close with my generations family members so I don’t need much friends/friends I trust that much to know secrets or knowwhat I’ve been through.I wish I did have a friend like that.

        My point was, the more your sexual history list grows, the more chances you open yourself up to being exposed because one out of the ten people you slept with this month could be messy or become messy later on.

  9. ^i agree.
    i love when the person is lying and ends up looking like an asshole.
    no times.
    no dates.
    just “we fucked.
    you didn’t.
    ha ha ha.”
    further making the straights judge us and ostracize us more and more.
    if we really want to be technical.
    it creates a divide with the d/l community as well.

    …and even if you did manage to fuck him,
    why scream it from the mountain tops?
    its how i equate people who scam credit cards and go buy expensive shit while living in the hood.
    they not use to nothing.

    1. It has really gotten out of hand. Now on tumblr there’s a trend to bait straight guys into sending nude pics to fake female accounts, and then the fags post the pics on the internet. I know these guys should be more careful with their nudes, BUT it’s really sick that it has come to this. It has literally become a competition between the tumblr blogs to post nude images of straight men. Then the blog owners have the AUDACITY to get mad when they get cussed out by the dudes, or reprimanded by tumblr.

      Can’t trust no one out here. This is why DL and discreet guys want NOTHING to do with the community, because of antics like this. It’s not safe. If I send my pics to some guy I met online (I’m DL), can I trust that he won’t screenshot it and post it to some website? It’s not worth it.

      You said it best J. Only trust those who have as much to lose as you. Trust no one. Technology has changed the game.

      1. ^yeah I’ve noticed that now.
        disguising yourself as a vixen just to get dick pics.
        it is crazy,
        but it’s now a way of life.
        everyone wants you to send your nudes to their phone for review.
        you think you’re sending it to someone who maybe interested and your shit is all out there.
        it’s getting out of hand…
        …but in my line of work,
        I would have nothing to talk about lol

  10. These idiots are LYING. They post stuff like this because they want attention. They want us to beg for the details. They’re lying for relevancy. I’ll never believe these guys when they make stuff like this up….unless you have receipts.

    You will never have him. Even if he did get down, there’s a 99% chance that he wouldn’t want YOU. It’s OK to fantasize, we ALL do it, but to make up some ridiculous sexcapade is PATHETIC. Grow up, get some counseling for that low self esteem. Stop searching for validation online. From strangers.

    Excuse my bluntness ya’ll. But stuff like this irritates me. Every fine wolf ain’t gay. Some
    (MOST) boys really have ZERO sexual attraction to other men. Sorry. I can see why it’s difficult for some hetero boys to take us seriously (even when we make a benign compliment), when fags are out here literally making up stories, or being disrespectful for retweets and likes. SMH. Instagram is a prime example. LEAVE THE STRAIGHT BOYS ALONE. Ya’ll look stupid!

    It’s ok to look though…… lol

    Ok. I’m done.

    1. They can’t leave the straight boys because they don’t know who the straight boys are, which is true. How do we know they don’t fuck around? By asking them and them saying they are straight? I’ve lied several times to niggas that wanted some lol. People be vouching for me saying I’m straight, and my conscious be eating me up lol. “He be getting all the girls” they say lol However on the low….I like niggas to.

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