Pre Baller Wolf Tray Matthews Drops His Drawz

Screen Shot 2013-11-17 at 5.36.27 PMso i guess it’s settled then.
everyone likes pre baller wolf,
tray matthews.
i have featured him before ( x here ) and everyone exploded in pure lust.
i personally think he is sexy as hell.
well tray decided to show off his greatest asset in a few gifs coochie4gucci made…
tumblr_mwdkzupc061r86gcro2_400 tumblr_mwdkzupc061r86gcro1_400so whereeeeeeeeeeeeeee…
is this from???????

my mind is telling me he just fucked some hoe entirely stupid.
in my mind he also has good pipe as well.
so intel on those gifs like yesterday!


lowkey: welcome to the foxhole tray.
you are now a star.

found: coochie4gucci

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

34 thoughts on “Pre Baller Wolf Tray Matthews Drops His Drawz”

  1. He’s damn sexy and fine as hell! And he knows it!!! There were several shots of him at the end of the Ga/Auburn game looking absolutely hot in his uniform!!!!

    1. ^he is really confident j rock,
      which i think it really hot.
      he is a tad immature,
      like ODEE on the ADHD side,
      But he would make a good “weekend wolf”.
      the wolf you see on the weekends,
      after his games,
      that fucks your brains out and then he takes his ass home.

  2. Would you look at that ass. Got damn Tray. By the time I’m done I’ll have him like Amina. My last name will be tatted on his side.

  3. That’s not from a sex tape. It’s from a vine. It’s another one where he’s sitting in a chair like that then smells it

    1. He licked it, watch closely lol. Well you know what, I’ll still hit it, and Jamari you know you would let him get it even if his pipe was no bigger than a thumb. *runs*

      On the real tho. The ones that would let a nigga get it on the low are just like him, always doing silly shit. I’m down with his nasty ass, and that is fo-real. No shame.

      1. He claimed he “got some of that azz” , but I’ve met trey, if I were guess, I thought he’d be a top, so he probably gives both. Have fun.

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