Pre Baller Wolf, Tray Matthews, Is The One Everyone Wants

Screen Shot 2013-10-29 at 9.14.54 PMladies and gentlemen…
this is the new pre baller wolf of fantasies come true.
tray matthews had everyone on tumblr talkin this week.
so it all started from this vine clip:

….problem is,
he was just a mass of meat and no name.
i asked and the f-bi from all over sent me leads to who he was.
well lookie lookie…

lawd jeebus…


hometown: newman georgia
college: uga
football position: free safety for the georgia dogs
judging from gathering intel,
he seems to get A LOT of pussy and good at it.
this tweets kinda tipped me off:

Screen Shot 2013-10-29 at 9.33.53 PMi mean looking like this:

…did you think he wasn’t?

tumblr_mf2crjX4x41r3gqtzo1_r1_500lowkey: he is definitely one of those country hood wolves.
i’m not use to them at all,
but they seem extra ghetto.
what are they like?

read more about tray matthews: here

37 thoughts on “Pre Baller Wolf, Tray Matthews, Is The One Everyone Wants

  1. Chile he fucked me last night and I grabbed that ass and made him cum from grabbing it he said. I am Sydney Star, lol. His dick wasn’t that big tho but he knew how to throw it, lol

  2. OMF……..DAMN DAMN DAMN……that nigga know that boys wud be looking at his ass in them tight draws….he playing wid us boys….and I ready to tap that ass

  3. People tend to hate on others if he says that he is from the country it does not matter at least he is a college student more than likely on scholarship at school. My thing is when you have African-American young brothers in school and not hanging the block that is a Blessing this day and time.

  4. @The Man: We know about those actors, lol. I have to say trust me on this. You would be shocked, Man, rIght there on your campus. I don’t mess with the fakers. The fems are the stereotype. I’ve had straight people, men and women, say things to me about gay people as though I were straight, and it was all I could do to keep from laughing in their faces. Dudes keep asking me if I’m married. I’ll leave it at that. Of course, this is all anonymous and I’m not asking you to reveal your school, but I could show you folk on your campus that would totally blow your mind from trolls to brothers that you fantasize having, when you masterbate. One day down the road, you’ll say, “Wow, Old Head was right.”

  5. …backwards. If you can move to a more inviting state or city, you might consider relocating, if that’s feasible. These are just some points to consider.

    By the way, I am cringing at that typo in the first paragraph. I do know it’s “compensating” not “commensating” before someone reads me, lol.

  6. @Butter: here are a few in no particular order. Disclaimer: they are not ironclad. Guys who are always putting down gays are usually over commensating and likely are closer cases. But, hopefully, you don’t want to mess with jerks anyway. That being said, someone messing with you like that could be signaling an attraction to you. That’s something boys and girls do to each other in elementary school but can be tiring for grown people to do that.

    #2: let’s say you notice someone checking you out on the sly or maybe commenting on your body, and if you workout asking about your routine — do you use free weights or machines; maybe, suggesting you workout together; or wanting to watch some sporting event with you. (this could be totally without sexual motive if the brother is secure with himself or could be his attempt to break the ice.

    #3: this one is not a sure thing — I hate stereotyping — but a buffed gym rat is more likely to mess around than a soft nerdy type.

    #4: not sure how bold you are so I shouldn’t tell you some of the things I do to feel a brother out — I’m a Scorpio and not everybody can pull off what we do…could be dangerous for mortals to
    attempt. But, you may try out versions of #2, yourself, and see how it goes.

    #3: this, also, is not a sure thing: is the brother over the top masculine? Is he trying too hard?

    #4: how old is he — is he married…has he ever been?

    #5: is he refined — there are straight brothers who are refined, but….

    #6: never ever come across as desperate, hungry or needy…major turn-offs.

    #7: main thing is to be yourself.

    Don’t know where you are, if in the USA, but we are everywhere. Not sure of your living situation but, as was mentioned in earlier posts on here, certain states are much more liberal than others with laws on the books providing us all kinds of protections and rights, while others are bacl

  7. He is cute. I don’t care for his personality, though. My belief is any dude swaggering around on campus in compression shorts w/ no shirt is arrogant and vain.

  8. Yea because he is from the country I bet he has dingleberries and sweaty balls down there. Don’t mess with str8 wolves because they are not what you expect them to be.

    1. He is cute, I don’t care for his personality, though. Any dude swaggering around on campus in compression shorts w/ no shirt is arrogant and vain.

  9. He a Libra and that sign rules the ass and back. Giving him a back massage and grabbing on his ass would probably turn him on.

  10. Tempted to give location and might at some point. Let me just say east coast in a place where 70% of the brothers mess around; that includes the married, the single and everything in between.

    1. I have heard this same statistic from some good sources, heard you cant go wrong in NYC, Philly, Jersey, and DC Maryland area. Also heard Chicago was nice.Dudes in the South will get down but you have to be ready to play a lot of mind games with str8 and DL dudes. Too bad for me, I dont live near any of the hot spots. Now if you want to go to a place as a black man were you will totally be ignored by other black men, then take a trip to LA. The brotha’s do not give other brothas no love in this place with the exception of Magic Johnson’s 24Hr fitness in Ladera Heights 🙂 lots of good looking DL Brotha’s in this spot. Planning my next vacation to the East Coast.

      1. Yea, you should do a tour of the east coast, and stop where ever you want and do whoever you want lol jk. Dudes are bad over here tho man.

  11. The person filming these videos wanted that ass. You see how they scanned his body in the first video?

  12. Damn this dude is only 19 WTF is in the water in Georgia, and he just turned 19 only a few days ago. OMG talk about a little boy in a mans body. It will only be a matter of time before the sex tape hits, at this age its almost a given for this generation to have pics or sex tape leak. Just could only admire someone like this from a far, way too young to really deal with.

  13. He is mad sexy. Damn boi. Don’t get me wrong he’s fine and all, but from what I seen in that video, his personality isn’t for me. I’d just get my nut and move on lol.

    1. ^he is SEX.
      he drips sex.
      he looks like stupid country sex.
      man is on it tho.
      friend with benefits.
      you don’t lock this meat down.
      he is just “a good time”.
      i will say he look like he is good at sex tho.

      1. Actually not on board I get kicks and giggles from your unoriginal thoughts, to your delusions of granduer, public breakdowns, excessive cries for attention from men you dont know, and most of all your thirst dont loose your Metro card!!!!

      2. Its been so nice without the jackals and raccoons, I guess it has gotten cold and they need somewhere to come in and keep warm so it might well be at a place they supposedly loathe but cant get enough of. J you have arrived when you have these type of haters stalking you, and admiring your work.

      3. It’s “lose” not “loose”. “Lose” means to misplace something whereas “loose” means not tight enough (like your ass). An FYI before you go correcting people like a spell checker.

  14. Where are the men in this lifestyle who look and act like this? Do they exsist? Sigh! I feel like all the men in this life are fems queens an have no kind of swagg at all. Another sigh!

    1. @Ilikesnickers: I don’t know where you are, but they are everywhere. Trust me on that. Most brothers like that want to deal with other brothers who look like that and have that swag. Because they come across very masculine, most people, even other brothers who get with men won’t know unless they drop clues. They carry it like that to remain undetectable by queens and femmes. They don’t want to risk being exposed, but they far outnumber the femmes and those who are clockable who, believe it or not, comprise no more than 10% of those of us who get down. While typing this, I just got a message from one who wants some dick tonight. Would love to deliver but I have a board meeting first thing on the morning and he’d probably want me to go all night. Most of the bruhs with whom I deal come off like that. In 2013, most bruhs are not showing ass like that. They might and do sag but that ass was all on display. Like Alan inferred, if he had wanted to show the dick, the video would have been shot from the other angle. Just think about all the “tops” on A4A showing their asses but not their dicks.

      1. @oldhead where are you located? I can agree with most of your statements but would just like at least a regional POV from you…

      2. I believe this. From some personal experience and observation., guys/men staring who are in the 90%. But what subtle clues might one pick up?

      3. I know you are older and more experienced than me. However, from what I have observed we do not outnumber the fems. Remember, a lot of “masculine” men are faking it to get it. Faking to be masculine to pull dudes. They really aren’t masculine when the lights go out. They have tramp stamps, thigh tats, colored contacts in every shade, belly button piercings, multiple upper ear piercings, and eyebrow piercings, and have little to no base in their voices I know I’m making a lot of dudes mad, but this is MY opinion it is what it is. A lot of dudes are clockable then they think.

  15. is it me or or the pic with him and his red hat in the car looks like a caramel chris brown!!!! his body is crazy and whoever was recording it kinda made the ass their main point so obviously we’re not the ones looking lol….

  16. Nine photos, two video clips and yet…..? I’m always suspicious when that much effort, editing, and cropping is employed to avoid presenting the essential “credentials”

  17. They’re probably like Honey Boo Boo and her family.

    I wouldn’t mind though, look at him.

    However, him being a slut puppy is a turn off.

    1. ^LOLOL @ honey booboo.
      he seems like he is enjoying the perks.
      his crew is named the bang bros.
      i can already assume what that means.

      sex tape would nice tho.

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