Petunia Loves A Good Brag Session About Her Sex Life

teyana taylor loves to talk about what she does with iman shumpert,
don’t she?
so she has a song on her album “k.t.s.e” called “3 way”.
you can already guess what it’s about.
it isn’t about a phone call with 3 people.

sidebar: what does the foxhole think about the album?
i’m hearing “trash” to “okay”.
this is what she told “big boy tv”

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Brag Now; Cry Later?

tumblr_lz9fkcClfY1qbrjfso1_500brag so hard with ^that piece of paper.
so last night i did something stupid.

it actually lead to me having a really good conversation.
one that i’m still thinking about.
last week was “gone girl”.
this week is “late night conversations”.
i wanted to share with the foxhole…
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I Had Sex With A Baller In A Van Down By The River (Tell Everyone!)

pipedreamswould you tell people you had that?
yeah all these fine straight and baller wolves out here.
online especially.
i know.
it could be overwhelming.
you see them shirts off,
asses out,
and prints in tact and you want to be the one to say:

“i had that.”

when you’re 86 and looking back on your life,
fuck wealth and how comfortable you are,
you can pat yourself on the back for all the pipe/ass you had.
in life however,
you are going to meet a lot of people who claim they had such and such.
hell they may claim they had you.
in a world where you aren’t as good as who you fuck,
and the bigger the sexuality secret you expose the better,
i had to wonder…

Why are so many people trying to expose someone else’s private parts?

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