Brag Now; Cry Later?

tumblr_lz9fkcClfY1qbrjfso1_500brag so hard with ^that piece of paper.
so last night i did something stupid.

it actually lead to me having a really good conversation.
one that i’m still thinking about.
last week was “gone girl”.
this week is “late night conversations”.
i wanted to share with the foxhole…

so i ate kennedy’s fried chicken last night.
i know.
i know.
for those who don’t know,
that is new yawk’s knock off of kfc.
back in the day,
a bucket and hot sauce would do a fox right.

“4 wings and some french fries
hot sauce and ketchup nigga…” – chi-raq, nicki minaj

my hood spot people know what i’m talking about.
now that i started cooking my own food,
i barely eat out anymore.
i didn’t feel like cooking last night and i was hungry.
after i got my cut,
i went to the kennedys around the corner from my crib.
i devoured that shit and drank some green tea right after.









spent the rest of the night with a stomach ache HEAVY.

sidebar: i also bought fresh mint leaves last night as well.
i put them in the green tea.
good decision.
i recommend you all check it out.

anyway i called my homegirl because i needed comfort.
i just wanted to get my mind off what was happening inside me.
we got into this heavy conversation about life and money.
she said this:

“yo son.
you realize everyone out here is one something away from debt?”

sass2i literally had to mute itunes.
everyone on social media has nice things.
you and i know this.
where they money is coming from is anyone’s guess.
it only takes one “pulled muscle”,
“car accident”,
“crazy baby mama”,
or “burned bridge” to fuck your whole world up.

after being unemployed for more than 2 years,
i had to pay off a lot of debt i accumulated.
listen i’ll be all the way honest,
but i only saved like 350 so far.
i try and make sure to save every week after i pay off these bills.
i guess i forget that trouble doesn’t set up like rain.
when good things are happening,
we don’t always see the massive clouds setting up in the background.
tumblr_nb3zxuABEt1tqogw3o1_500there is no warning when shit is about to go down.

“he/she was at the wrong place at the wrong time.
how sad.” – they said.

…with the country making enemies left and right,
people don’t have health insurance,
and ebola taking people out,
are we really safe out here?
it made me think…
why don’t we pay attention to our financial security nowadays?
listen i love being fox swagg down,
doing nice things and being a boss,
but i am also aware i have a ton of strikes against me.
no one to rescue me.
no rich friends at the moment to take me in.
all this drama going on at my job.
these spiteful hoes could pull the okey doke on me anytime.
i only have 350 to help me survive.
like what would i do?
what would you do?
your parents aren’t going to live forever.
you can’t always go “crash at their crib” when things don’t work out.
depending on someone to “take you in” is not guaranteed.
niggas out here buying gold teeth,
maison margiela sneakers,
and bottles of belaire rosé in the club…
but ain’t got a pot to piss in.
tumblr_n5ygok2zYm1rqd0kpo1_400i’m impressed if you can get all that AND have your own crib.
living with your parents and flossin’ ain’t really swag no matter how you slice it.
so i had to wonder in this “gold digga” era the foxhole is in…

Do you have a “shit has hit the fan”… plan?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

13 thoughts on “Brag Now; Cry Later?”

  1. Honestly, I wouldn’t rule out resorting to illegal means of getting fast money if I was dead broke and my parents weren’t around to help.

    I hate to say that shit but its true.

    Its tough out here. Sometimes I feel like going to college put me in more debt and was more detrimental to me than if I would’ve gotten a trade school job.

    I know plenty of clean cut college guys that have resorted to getting shit the ski mask way because there are no jobs or they aren’t paying nearly enough to allow you to get a return on your investment.

    1. ^the gubment ain’t shit.
      “THEY DONT CARE ABOUT US!” – michael jackson
      i don’t blame anyone who has to go the illegal way to make some bread.
      the problem are the ones who doing it and buying everything out bergdorfs.

      1. Naw I’d be the one trying to build legit businesses, while still giving the illusion I’m broke.

        Stunting and living in excess is what gets you in trouble.

        People that spend their money on material stuff to stunt aren’t used to anything.

        A wise woman told me “Never mess with anyone that ain’t used to nothing. They’ll get you killed!”

  2. Jamari, only spend money as necessary. How to do that? One way is to only spend cash and not credit cards. If you are married, live on the income of one spouse and bank the income of the other spouse. Be accountable for your spending.

    For example, a friend of mine and his spouse quickly saved up money for a down payment for a house that way. They lived on his income and banked hers totally. For spending money, they allowed $100 a month for each. How did they keep to that? They used a check register to write down to the nearest 50 cents unnecessary expenditures like lunch or dinner at a restaurant or a candy bar. If they brought a candybar with their groceries, then that did not count as spending money but if they bought a candybar as a convenience item, then it did count as spending money. If their daily spending money expense was 1.24, then it counted as $1.00 for the day. But if their daily spending money was $1.55, then it counted as 2.00 for the day.

    So if you keep track of your pennies, the dollars will keep track of themselves. The idea in what they did is to became very aware of what money you spend. It’s similar to people and weight gain. People often get in the habit of eating without thinking. If you have a food diary, you are more likely to get control over and be accountable for what you eat. They adopted a money diary to get control over and be accountable for what they spent. And it worked for them. It can work for you.

  3. LOL. I know MANY kats that are still living with their parent(s) who are driving around in Benz’s/BMW/Audi/Lexuses/etc. One kat I knew was in the barbershop bragging so much that both me and my barber had to say to him…but you still living in ya mama’s basement! Shut that ass up real quick.
    While certain financial situations may require a person to move back in with family for a period, if you are someone that has never left home and don’t take care of your responsibilities…a reality check is needed.
    We are all definitely a paycheck away from unemployment, especially now more than ever, so even though it is VERY hard to put money away…make an effort. Like you Jamari, I was unemployed for a lengthy time (a year), from 2004-2005. Every interview I went on, I was either overqualified or underqualified. It took a toll, but I kept going, and finally got a position that allowed me to get ahead again, get my Master’s, and prepare to move on again.

  4. Yea, i save my money. I was out of a job for a yr & my unemployment was cut off after four months so that money is what kept me afloat. If i hadnt saved it idk what woulda happened to me

  5. I’m trying to get better at this , I’m a young fox who works and goes to school both full time. I can never seem to save enough I’m trying but with each milestone something always comes up . I have a sorta plan to have my debt paid off by the end of the year. Hope i can do it.

  6. Yea I have a plan, and it involves only spending money on shit I need. Social media is to blame for most of this flossin that people do tho. Even if you work full time, you are not the shit if you are still living at home lol. You have no mortgage and electric bills to pay, which means you have plenty of money to splurge while mooching off your family, friends, and your man for a place to stay.

    College students spending their refund checks all at once and asking people for money three months later. I just got my fall check, and I’m paying off my credit card and do a little shopping, but the rest will be saved. I ain’t no fool. I need some paper in the bank.

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