Time For (Mi) To Grow Up


i had a good talk with mi last night.
when i got in,
she was packing up her stuff.
we haven’t been talking,
but i wanted to know what her next stop was going to be.

she told me she is going to live with a friend.
the friend is staying in a room in someone’s crib,
but she invited mi down there to stay with her.


i asked mi if that is a good idea?
she is going to a whole new state,
with no one else she knows,
and you need a car to get around.
does the friend have a car?
survey says:


tumblr_m8f03wWIul1r6hxuwok again.

she said they plan on both getting an apartment together once she gets settled.
mi asked me if she can stay for two more weeks.
apparently that is when she will get her check in the mail.

“ok sure“.

after that,
we started talking.
i was truthful to her about the first day she moved in with me.
how it started off wrong and i knew in my foxy senses it wouldn’t work out.
after that,
everything just started spilling out.
i told her she needs to get her life in order.
she can’t go around burning bridges everywhere she goes.
she realized that she has hit rock bottom.
her phone is off and she doesn’t have anyone to rescue her.
i could see the sadness in her eyes,
but she actually wants to leave new yawk.
she thinks it will work where she is going.
she wants a fresh start in a whole new forest.

i pray she finds her way.


11 thoughts on “Time For (Mi) To Grow Up

  1. I wish Mi well. Jamari, I think her move will be wonderful for you. You’re going through a lot of things, yourself…trying to land that next job, getting your own life together, getting over that ‘friendship’ with work wolf you had hoped would blossom, finding your niche, etc.; there’s just so much one can handle. Being able to come home after work to your sanctuary will be a blessing and will afford you the Jamari time you need. Hopefully, you’ll use this time to meditate and focus. I foresee you breathing more freely and blossoming in ways you have yet to experience. Wishing Mi well in Florida and wishing you all the best.

  2. I hope things turn around for her this might just be a blessing in disguise. As you said you’ve done enough for her.

  3. Hate to say it, but that’s not gonna work. Two people staying in a ROOM, not an apartment, a ROOM…in SOMEONES ELSE’S house! Has this “friend” told the homeowner that Mi is going to be staying there?! for her sake I hope so, because it would be a crushing blow to go down there only to be told “you can’t stay here”.
    As a homeowner, that is their prerogative. Mi needs to try to put some substantial coins to the side in order to get ready to move, because if she’s waiting for a paycheck…that will be gone before you know it. And then what money do you have remaining?
    She obviously didn’t think this through. But that’s not YOUR problem, J.
    She has to learn the hard way. SMH

    1. ^you are absolutely right,
      but i refuse to even get involved.
      everyone has told me to stay out of it and that’s exactly what im doing.

  4. I have lived down south before for a few years actually..if i was her I’d get settled and established up in NYC there’s more opportunities economically than in Florida. LAst but not least going to a NEW LOCATION starting over is NOT for the faint of heart. I did that before and i grinded my ass off and thank GOD i finished college as a result of those hard years…but you know what these kids these days need to go through the STRUGGLE it builds CHARACTER and STRENGTH..i’ll be praying for her safe travels and progression..keep us posted please

    1. ^i will.
      for her sake,
      i hope she knows what she is doing.
      she is determined to do her own thing.
      it’s funny,
      but like i told her,
      the same convo we had about “i just want my own” is the same one we had before she moved in.
      like you said,
      she needs some character development.

  5. Damn its moments like this when you realize that she is really still a child who is trying to find her way in this world and her only hope(her mother) has been taken away from her. She is hurting bad and she wants to take it out on you of course, Her acting a donkey at times makes you want to not feel for her but seeing how she keeps making bad decision after bad decision lets me know that she needs someone. I wish it was an older vixen who would take her under her wings and mentor her because its obvious she needs a mother figure in her life. Even after all the unnecessary drama she has put you through, I still hopes she finds her way and makes it. Maybe this will be her breakthrough and her sink or swim moment moving to another place.

  6. As long as she doesn’t find her way back into your home. Like she said, she doesn’t need your help,so you don’t need to worry about sticking your neck out for her. Like you said, time for (mi) to grow up. She needs to learn to respect the people that go out of their way to help her ratchet self, or take care of her own damn self.

    She is not your problem anymore. Wish her the best and move forward. Worry about her from afar, if at all. I’m still salty about what she said to you lol, like that’s just not okay.

    1. ^the problem with her is she switches up.
      i couldn’t have told her this last time.
      she was way too defensive and downright scary.
      last night,
      she was open to listen and I was able to be as real as possible.
      she needs to wake up and smell reality.
      she just won’t be doing it at my home any longer.

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