am i really ready for that “love” thing tho?

as much as i am looking for love

Will I know how to really love a male?

it’s a real question.
as you know,
i love a male who works out and has his bawdy right.
when i first see him,
i think of all the things i want to do to him sexually.
this might span over a course of 2 months,
give or take.
it’s very superficial in the beginning stages of any gay/bi relationship.

What happens past “I’m sticking around”?

when the honeymoon phase is over and the real shit starts?
the moment he shows he’s a human with feelings underneath it all…

Will I be able to handle it tho?

or will i go…

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Receptionist Is The Way To Go If You A Creative

ya know,
being a receptionist is pretty simple.
it’s all about:

answering phones
taking packages
being courteous

you’re basically a guardian of the gate.
you are in control of your office.
no one can get through to see anyone without your approval.
i love that idea.
at my new gig,
it gets busy but…

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For Anyone With A “Work Wolf” Saga

tumblr_m9usevLebp1qj6wafo1_500thoughts at 3am.
my favorite.
i love when i’m laying in bed and have this urge to cum to the foxhole.
it means i was really in my head about something.
i had to get this off tonight.
it couldn’t wait until morning.
i said i wouldn’t mention “work wolf” again,
but i’ll say this
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Breezy Wolf Wants You To Be Ready

Screen Shot 2013-04-11 at 2.24.12 PMi won’t even lie,
breezy wolf looked good in this video.
dare i say,
he looked like hard “fuck”?
the song is smooth too.
oh yeah,
fabolous was in it lol…

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O-Cakes Is Making His Body Ready.

i think you remember the old o-cakes:


he was a nice thick piece of midget beef.
well o-cakes has his cakes hittin the gym hard.
look at the new o-cakes in the making….

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