Receptionist Is The Way To Go If You A Creative

ya know,
being a receptionist is pretty simple.
it’s all about:

answering phones
taking packages
being courteous

you’re basically a guardian of the gate.
you are in control of your office.
no one can get through to see anyone without your approval.
i love that idea.
at my new gig,
it gets busy but…

…i’m not driven crazy out there.
it’s funny,
but all the other receptionists at my new company are industry.
actors/singers/something within the talent aspect.
they do all their career stuff at their desks.
the vixen i replaced managed her entire career at the desk.
she would do her work and make her moves.
she quit because it was time to make bigger moves.

I’m super hip

the actress who trained me told me this is the perfect job for that.
during our downtime,
which is 90%,
it is a great time to get our career goals in order.
instead of being bartenders or waiting tables,
working a front desk is the perfect role.
you don’t have much responsibilities.
when you choose a job like an admin or even an assistant,
you are swamped with shit to do.
your goal is to move up the corporate ladder.
been there; not doing that again.
like i said,
this is a stop towards the destination.
this job fits my needs perfectly.
the only drawback with being a receptionist is YOU open the office.
so that means you need to be there on time and days off are limited.
it’s all on your office tho.

i set up my desk today.
i picked up fast so i’m starting alone tomorrow.
i won’t be shadowing anyone or floating.
i’m officially in charge of my own floor and i’m exited af.

lowkey: foxhole,
look into receptionist positions.
it’s better than retail.
it’s easier to get in one via a temp agency.

i think you might like it.

9 thoughts on “Receptionist Is The Way To Go If You A Creative

  1. Glad everything is going good so far, this kind of job will help you focus on what you really want

  2. Congrats man I know it would happen. I’m definitely going to pull your move of speaking into the world what I want and what I can handle and letting it come my way.

  3. Congratulations. Work life and love balance is key. Glad you are doing something you love

    1. ^thank you tony!
      this feels good.
      i had my music playing in my waiting area.
      they got a taste of tremaine’s latest album and some 90s r&b LOL

      i’m all about my work and life balance now.

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