Lance Gross Reclaims His Role As “Vintage Wolf Penis”

lance gross is still #wolfgoals.
remember when he was a staple in the foxhole?
he had a cub,
got married,
and vanished off the radar.
well he has been making a come back.
when he posted this on his ig…

…i howled to the damn moon!
lance has always been fine af.
kofi might be the new “it” dark skinned wolf,
but lance is still vintage wolf penis.
he can’t and won’t lose that title.
i won’t allow it.

lance has a movie coming out with lil mama,
and tami roman of “bbwives” fame,
on labor day.
it’s called “when love kills: the falicia blakely story” and it was directed by tasha smith.
this is the trailer:

i don’t exactly know the plot from that trailer,
but lil mama has a gun.
i’m sure it’s worth trying to find out why.
i don’t have cable,
but i’ll definitely try to find a movie link to watch.
check it out august 28th at 9pm on tvone.

lowkey: i know about 3 people who met lance.
they all don’t know each other.
nothing but great things to say about him.

10 thoughts on “Lance Gross Reclaims His Role As “Vintage Wolf Penis”

  1. Never thought of him as attractive but when I saw this pic I almost came. I got so wet. He has a new fan now

  2. I think he’s a handsome man but a mediocre actor though. I just never found him to be memorable as an actor

  3. Lance has always stirred up something inside of me. I made his IG post my new background photo, so I see him in all his chocolate glory multiple times a day. Excuse me while I daydream…..

  4. DAMN! Just want to lick all that chocolate. I have to admit, it took a moment before, I thought he was fine. lol

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