They’re Some (Straight) Up Killers Lurking On Hook Up Apps Now

ya know,
ima stop telling the foxhole to go on hook up apps.
they moving real funny and i want ya’ll safe.
so we have another story of jackals lurking and luring victims to their deaths.
this time,
it’s two killer cousins from houston via the daily mail

Houston police believe two cousins used a gay dating app to rob and murder their victims. 

Police have recovered the body of one man, Glenser Soliman, 45, who was found on February 25. The second victim, An Vinh Nguyen, a 26-year-old University of Houston student vanished on March 31. His car was recovered several days later

Police have charged Brandon Lyons, 18, with the capital murder of Soliman. His cousin, Jerrett Jamal Allen, 26, has been charged in his absence with credit and debit card fraud. 

Officers believe Allen used Nguyen’s credit card in El Paso, Texas in early to mid-April.  

Harris County lead homicide investigator Mike Ritchie told a news conference on Monday: ‘On February 25 I was assigned a case where a body was recovered which was later identified as our first complainant Glenser Soliman . He was reported missing by his family on February 18. Several days later after he was reported missing we found his vehicle.

‘Through our investigation, and through a few weeks we were able to develop a suspect who was identified as Brandon Lyons, who was charged with unauthorized use of a motor vehicle.

‘Through our investigation and several months of work, along with the DA’s office, we were able to file a capital murder charge on Brandon Lyons for the death of Glenser Soliman.

‘During our investigation of this case, in early April, I was made aware of another missing male by the name of An Vinh Nguyen. Through our investigation and through things that we have discovered we realized that these cases were most likely linked.

‘By investigating certain aspects of the case, where he was last seen, we were also able to develop a suspect Jerrett Allen. Jerrett Allen was today charged with credit and debit card abuse and through our investigation we were able to link Brandon Lyons and Jerrett Allen together.

They are cousins and they were living together at the time that both men disappeared.

‘So again, Jerrett Allen, his whereabouts are unknown. His last known location was in El Paso, Texas in early to mid-April. Since then we don’t know where he is.’ 

Ritchie said An Vinh Nguyen was reported missing by his family on April 1. He was last seen on March 31 in the Spring area. His car was recovered on April 6.

He confirmed neither of the victims knew each other, but but used gay social media chat sites. 

Detectives have not determined a motive for either crime and have not ruled out whether they were targeted due to their sexuality. 

He said they could possibly be dealing with serial killers

According to the FBI, serial killers will have murdered at least three people with a ‘cooling down’ period between each crime. 

The two suspects may have been using gay chat sites to target their victims, both of whom were Asian males. 

Officers have not recovered An Vinh Nguyen’s body although he is presumed dead. He was due to attend a job interview in Florida days after he went missing. 

Ritchie warned people using online hookup sites or apps to exercise caution when meeting strangers as they ‘may not want to meet up for the same reason as you’

He said bring a friend along, meet in public and never arrange to meet someone in either your or their home.

serial killing jackals who happen to be related?
i cannot.i’ve been wanting to fuck so bad,
but i don’t do sex apps for this very reason.
at this point,
i’m only trying to mess with wolves:
in the industry
baller wolves

it’s not safe out here with the regula degulas.
horny and loneliness will get your ass kilt.
that leads me to wonder

How do you meet others to fuck nowadays?

is instagram the new hook up spot?
i feel like i only want to fuck wolves i’m physically attracted to,
but they got so much spam in their dms as is…
it’s a mess.
if you guys choose to go on hook up apps,
all i can stress is to be careful.
use your better judgment and always go to a hotel.
not some cheap motel in the woods.
a good hotel that got surveillance.
i don’t know but be safe.

lowkey: i want to meet one wolf that i’m sexually attracted to.
i don’t need to be fuckin different wolves.
one that i can call up when i need some dick.
that is all i’m asking for.

article taken: the daily mail

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

17 thoughts on “They’re Some (Straight) Up Killers Lurking On Hook Up Apps Now”

  1. Wow. And I was trying so hard to free up some storage space on my phone just to see what Grindr was like. Nevermind now.

    1. It’s full of sexually deprived creeps, superficial timewasters, trolling assholes & ridden diseases. I deleted it a while ago and don’t plan on returning anytime soon. But if you want to explore then knock yourself out. This is just a caution

  2. I’ve never had a bad experience on Grindr, Jack’d, or Hornet. IG I’m a little more cautious bc they are normally a further distance. Just have a convo first before meeting to fuck.

  3. I be wanting some peen as well…I actually am on Jackd but I’m not stupid about it. First of all, I need pics of you and we need to meet either at a public place or at my place I need a link to ur Instagram or FB… something where I can verify all of your pictures. I rarely hookup with a dude and nowadays yu have to be careful, since some folks act so desperate for random peen and straight dudes take advantage of that…but don’t be fooled…there are some gay serial killers too. Just cuz they like peen and cakes like us don’t mean they sane. It’s some Rainbow Michael Myers out there too.

    I had one bad story when I was a Freshman…a dude tried to invite me over to his place via Jackd…after carefully screening him and what not using questions, I eventually found out someone else was there also he neglected to tell me bout when originally he said he wanted to see me alone. I also pinged his location via the app to see the area he was in and it was some miles away towards the north of my area in the Hood. He wanted me to come to an area in the Hood and meet him…

    After I stopped replying to him he kept eggin me to come over and chill and hang with me and his home boy…later turned into can I give him ten dollars, twenty dollars…blah..blah..I told him to fuk off & blocked him and his homeboy Rocky n Bullwinkle looking asses..

    If you get horny…get a dildo, ya hand and log on to Myvidster…fuk the otha shyt.

    1. thats another thing, some of these guys invite ppl without your consent and it has happened to me before in one instance however I had a happy ending. But I can say, I slipped up once when a Haitian dude who changed his locations and when we got in the room, dude was acting funny and instead left and invited his other friend to come in and I was not interested. All I could think about was that sowing machine right next to me with a Gillette blade which made me feel uncomfortable. I left and realized I should have picked up on the red flag and trusted my gut rom the get. But you know, its a matter of time until someone goes on a killing spree like Andrew Cunanan.

  4. People are not being careful out here and are falling victim due to their low self-esteem. You are never supposed to meet with a person you do not know in your home for the first time. Straight men have realized that gay men find them the most attractive than their fellow peers. Am I right or wrong? The fascination many gay men have with straight men has led to straight men using it to their advantage. It has always happened, but without violence. Now people are being robbed, vanishing, or being killed.

    1. @The are right. They’re preying on insecure dudes looking for dick. A lot of them don’t read the signs. If someone is talking about hosting at their place, and won’t meet up anywhere else..that tells me they’re trying to get you there and to rob/beat your ass. I would never meet up at a stranger’s house the first time I meet them. I wouldn’t invite them to my house either. I would meet in a public place.

      I read a comment on another site where a guy met up with a guy at his place. The dude excused himself to go to the bathroom, and when he came back they started to get busy. A few moments later two dudes busted in the room and they, including the guy he was hooking up with, proceeded to beat him and rob him. Luckily he didn’t lose his life, but they beat him pretty badly. The guy he hooked up with unlocked the door for the other two when he excused himself to go to the bathroom. Crazy!

      People are out to get what they can get right now. They will hurt someone to get it too.

  5. Times have changed. Even the innocent looking 18-20 year olds are dangerous.

    Then these hookups are often covert and secret and take place at late hours. You have to think about who’s going to know what happened to you if shit goes left?

    They can send you anyone’s pictures and just because they send you real pictures does not mean it’s safe.

    You have to come face to face with men who actually do rob and beat up gay men for some quick money to understand it’s real. I have and both of them were attractive.

    1. That’s scary. I’d flip out on a MF if he tried to do me harm. Now they running in packs of two and three and family units.

  6. Shit like this is honestly why I was on jack’d and etc but haven’t been back and to add on to this the guys were in Houston where I’m at currently so I definitely need to take a chill on using jack’d and etc.

    I do want sex but I’m good I have toys and etc to at least partially help out.

  7. I literally read this and deleted my jack’d account. I’m in Dallas so this is a little too close for comfort. Dick will never be important enough to die over. Lol

  8. I missed the social media waves and never used a dating app and don’t plan on using one. Alot of people have told me that they still find a better stock of people online as opposed to dating apps. Also you have to vet people extensively. I would never meet a stranger within hours of first knowing they existed. I have a thorough vetting process and I trust my instincts. The first sign of some fuck shit and that’s it. Also we have to do an initial meet & greet, with no alternative motive but to see each other, in a very public place when the sun is out. Lol. May sound crazy but you will be surprised how many people who are full or shit will find any excuse not to meet in public with no agenda. Shit is crazy out there. Be safe tho.

  9. This reminded me of that black baller Michael Wright who secretly used grindr and subsequently got murdered. You can’t trust a lot of these people. Grindr is a soulless place so my thing is, only use the app if you just want NSA SEX because that is what that damn app is centered on. Full of sexually deprived maniacs. I remember when I used to use the app, my default photo was a pic of my torso and legs and that set people off, it was dick/ass pics everyday (as expected) and people there don’t talk to you like you’re human. It’s pretty dehumanizing sometimes. The shit was crazy.. To each their own but the app isn’t for me.

    And J, I work in the industry too and my focal aim is also industry guys and ballers too LOL! That’s why I started posting heavy thirst traps on Instagram as of late because that seems to be the redlight district for some celebrity dick. Those DM’s are not to be underestimated! We need to chat one to one about how to secure these men haha.

  10. I met a really nice guy on A4A, he lived in Atlanta had it going on, just too much distance between us. We talked on the phone for months before we met in person, got to know each other, careers, likes and dislikes. Guys these one nighters and quickies are worth risking your life!! Get to know that person, meet them in public, trust your gut, if you suspect anything wrong, it probably is. Be safe out there!!!

    1. @Sixtree…I say it ALL the time! Get to know a person!
      Even though some of them can play the role until they’re ready to make their move.
      Never had a one-night stand/nightmare as I’ve heard some guys in the barbershop call it. LOL

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