Jim Jones, His Eggplant, and A Pool

jim jones is a walking thirst trap.
from the sagging to show off the bakery and now the following.
“this” also explains why chrissy is crazy af.
i get it now via his instagram

i love how he randomly did push ups in his boxer briefs.
all of that in front of a random pool,
in which he randomly jumps in with socks on.
makes sense.
well he got a f-bi’s attention who ended up getting mine.
good work jim!
i like ya’ll attentionistos get the f-bi’s attention.
it makes for a good entry!

lowkey: if jim jones wasnt married to that crazy chick,
and i had pussy,
i would let him bang the fuck outta me.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

19 thoughts on “Jim Jones, His Eggplant, and A Pool”

  1. It has been no secret that I always have found him attractive. I been wanting to sleep with him for years. He does it for me!!

  2. I always thought he was the finest, sexiest rapper. When he cut those corn rolls off, his sexiness went through the roof. You can’t name a more sexy rapper.

    1. Which is why i rather for OBJ, Ezekiel Elliott (for his booty and his looks), Michael Sam (booty gr8 personality), Mychal Kendricks (booty, his looks), and Drake (everything!). The Game is ugly and Jim Jones looks like he bathes in fecal matter and dirt.

      1. Out of all those peeps you named, Mychal Kendrick & OBJ are the ONLY two that got it.
        You can keep Michael Sam, Drake, and Ezekiel corny asses. LOL
        Drake?! Really?!

  3. Hmmm……Jim Jones or The Game? East Coast Dick or West Coast Dick? “Ballin” or “Hate It or Love It.” Dipset or G-Unit? Decisions, Decisions. Okay! I’ll go with Chance the Rapper’s little brother Taylor Bennett for 300 dollars as well as Ezekiel Elliott, Antonio Smith, Odell Beckham Jr., Drake, Mychal Kendricks, and Michael Sam. I’m sorry but yall can have Jim Jones and The Game. I mean they sexy as fuck or whatever. *rolls eyes*

  4. I did an event on Halloween in Little Haiti in Miami where Trina came thru and gave away money to the best costume. Ace Hood was there dressed as Batman and Jim Jones and his entorauge came thru. He’s very tall and very personable. He’s def a cute one. Trina is more gorgeous in real life too!

  5. Well he isn’t married, they have been engaged for about six years.A few months ago she cursed someone out on IG for shading her about not being married.But Chrissy will still beat your ass whether they are married or not do stay away from him.Lol😂

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