O-Cakes Is Making His Body Ready.

i think you remember the old o-cakes:


he was a nice thick piece of midget beef.
well o-cakes has his cakes hittin the gym hard.
look at the new o-cakes in the making….


(lol this gif of diggy kills me)

lowkey: i hope he doesn’t lose those cakes of his.
that would be a shame.

7 thoughts on “O-Cakes Is Making His Body Ready.

  1. next. and im loving that gif of diggy he is sweet, who did not know this? im just curious who’s fucking him

  2. he is turning into a “muscle queen ” for sure. the ass will never go will just not look as plump with pants on

  3. I see you Omarion. Hope he doesn’t lose that ass. I wanna hit, flip, and rub that ass down. He is a cute lil dude. I love me some O. That personality tho.

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