Chocolate City – A Tale of A Stripper With A Big Tail

_MG_0031 copiehe’s back.
i featured him couple months ago and you had a lot to tell me.
well milan christopher has a semi-raunchy mini youtube foXXX for you.
it’s called “chocolate city – a black male strippers tale”.
boipussy got my attention with this…

tumblr_moqa6c6Egw1qi857wo1_250 tumblr_moqa6c6Egw1qi857wo2_250…so you know i was interested in seeing what inspired this scene.
well i kinda feelin this knock off magic mike was for the wolves…

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O-Cakes Is Making His Body Ready.

i think you remember the old o-cakes:


he was a nice thick piece of midget beef.
well o-cakes has his cakes hittin the gym hard.
look at the new o-cakes in the making….

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the foxhole’s favorite cheek-ologist sent me something to share with the foxhole.
i love him for all that he does.

here is the cheeky goodness he wants you all to enjoy…

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there is a new magazine about to hit the foxhole news stands.
only for my wolves and hybrids tho.
issue with my foxes, i’m sure.
but it’s a real page turner
although i feel like the wolves and hybrids won’t get past the magazine cover…

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are we ready for another exciting round?

so i got this following person in an email with a “what do i think?
how you…
how you gonna tease my emotional sex drive like this with no name, f-bi agent?
well, shit you already know what i would think.
but, now i have to ask you….

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