are we ready for another exciting round?

so i got this following person in an email with a “what do i think?
how you…
how you gonna tease my emotional sex drive like this with no name, f-bi agent?
well, shit you already know what i would think.
but, now i have to ask you….

“well hello lover…”

but again,
this isn’t what i think.
(i will send some foxes/wolves/hybrids on the scent to find out who this is tho…
buhlee dat!)

so i had to ask…

Would you lay down some rubber?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

15 thoughts on “LAY DOWN SOME RUBBER: (38)”

      1. LOL@infested.

        Judging from his pics; it looks to me that he’s a typical dude just looking for a good time. He looks high as the sky in the first pic. Would still get the guts tho.

  1. not sure about infested but def a condition he can’t get rid of, herpes i think. He is a bottom that currently is topping a few queeny boys, interesting to me because it makes me think something must be wrong wit the ass if he went from bottom to top..

    1. Or he got his ‘gift’ from a wolf & feels that this may protect him from future deposits…of course now he’s spreading it (allegedly)

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