Give Me A High 5 Because This Rapper Is A Wolf!

sometimes i imagine a rapper who would actually be a wolf.
something in an ll cool j or method man package.

you know rappers are all about swagg and aggressiveness.
you imagine him picking you up,
beat it up,
and then smoke some weed afterwards.
maybe even get silly.
sadly, i know of so many rappers who play the “bend over for a deal” game.

… well eureka not anymore!
f-bi tip in.

there IS a wolf who actually happens to be a rapper!
one who has a big ol dick
(like, forreal his dick is huge)

and will probably take you on a shoppin’ spree since rumors swirl that he ain’t got no money.
who doesn’t like that?
all he asks is that you kiss him regularly and he will call.

guess who.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

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