The Blind Leading The Foxhole

tumblr_mztzap5D5I1s8zvkoo1_500well an f-bi sent me 3 blind items for the foxhole.
i know how much you love these.
check em out…
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Give Me A High 5 Because This Rapper Is A Wolf!

sometimes i imagine a rapper who would actually be a wolf.
something in an ll cool j or method man package.

you know rappers are all about swagg and aggressiveness.
you imagine him picking you up,
beat it up,
and then smoke some weed afterwards.
maybe even get silly.
sadly, i know of so many rappers who play the “bend over for a deal” game.

… well eureka not anymore!
f-bi tip in.

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I’ll Beat Those Butt Cheeks Up (That’s The Hook Right Thurr)

being in the spotlight is tough.
especially when you chase fox tail.
you can get any you pretty much want.
what makes it hard is all the mouths around.
the ones who will tell your business because they can.
you don’t give a fuck.

bring the fox in your entourage,
make an excuse,
give him a title,
and people will forget.

better if he is a singer.
we could be doing a “song” together.

that being said,
i love when rappers and singers date.
some of the biggest collabs in the business have also ended with a solid:
pipe to buttcheek throat special remix.

listen to these stories below.
see if you can figure out who…

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