Chocolate City – A Tale of A Stripper With A Big Tail

_MG_0031 copiehe’s back.
i featured him couple months ago and you had a lot to tell me.
well milan christopher has a semi-raunchy mini youtube foXXX for you.
it’s called “chocolate city – a black male strippers tale”.
boipussy got my attention with this…

tumblr_moqa6c6Egw1qi857wo1_250 tumblr_moqa6c6Egw1qi857wo2_250…so you know i was interested in seeing what inspired this scene.
well i kinda feelin this knock off magic mike was for the wolves…

Screen-shot-2013-03-12-at-1.05.11-AMChocolate City is A tale of A Young black hitchhiker who finds himself in a world of sex & scandal when he decides to strip at the local All male review strip club called Chocolate City! Starring Music Artist, Model & Actor Milan Christopher as Dorian & Star Edwards as Tanisha this film is full of love, lust & scandal … Def A MUST SEE!

well damn.
that stripper scene was kinda hot.
wait til the end.
i feel like milan is different from the last time i saw him.
maybe he was acting.
i dunno.
either way they all had some cheeks on them.
i feel like they should have just made this a porno.
it was already on the way there.
why stop?


lowkey: milan likes to gas himself up, don’t he?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

6 thoughts on “Chocolate City – A Tale of A Stripper With A Big Tail”

      1. I don’t care what kind of photo shoot that was. That is gay as shit. It ain’t no way a straight man would do that shot lol.

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