janet gets her roses (2019 rock and roll hall of fame)

on lighter and more positive news,
janet was inducted into the “2019 rock and roll hall of fame”.
i found her induction speech and well…

i cried.
i know it feels good when you finally get your roses.
i know her family and all those close to her must be so proud,

your baby sister made it“.
yes she has.

lowkey: all the folks who tried to mute her are now muted.
look at God.

Author: jamari fox

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6 thoughts on “janet gets her roses (2019 rock and roll hall of fame)”

  1. Beautiful sppech…she recognized and thanked everyone for her success and they were there to support her. You have to ask yourself where are all the ppl who tried to destroy her career. She survived and got bigger but they all went up in flames and careers are over…Justin Timberlake, Les Moonves, etc. Just like a phoenix she rose again from the ashes. Love it. lol

  2. Sweet victory for JANET!!! Les Moonves tried to ruin her career, Justin Timberlake never apologize for his role i@ the Superbowl fiasco. Justin will never be inducted into anything except the Mickey mouse clubhouse, les Moonves is a pervert and everyone knows it!!! White devils!!! Karma is a bitch, ain’t it!!

  3. I am so happy for Janet. She has been through so much over the last 15 years, but has weathered the storm. Although I’m excited for her, I can’t help but think of how it is unfortunate that her impact on pop music culture has been diminished by the infamous backlash. As a result, many of the kids today don’t quite recognize how MUCH she has accomplished. Nonetheless, I’m hopeful that the recognition and press she has gotten from her RRHOF induction and other public accolades she’s received in the last year will inspire folks to get caught up on the magnificence that Janet Jackson is.

  4. Its so cool to read these comments because, as a Janet fan, its ALL too clear to me that her impact on pop music has been under appreciated for quite a while. Happy that the RRHOF moment has come for her personally but really excited about the next chapter of her professional life. I hope SHE really believes the language in her speech and that she finds a way to balance motherhood (where her mind seems to be now) and her career. I have my tickets for the Vegas residency and hopefully she will “knock it out of the park” with the show…

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