let’s take a trip to “neverland firsthand”

i still didn’t watch “finding neverland”.
still not going to.
a foxholer did send me something that i did watch.
it’s from liam mcewan and he did his own documentary,
neverland firsthand:
investigating the michael jackson documentary“.
lemme font you…

the mj stans don’t play that.
the moment the smoke from accusations started rising,
they became to “scooby doo detective agency”.
i love the part where one allegedly lied about being molested at a train station.
one that wasn’t even built around the date he allegedly claimed:

i hate to font it,
but i feel a lot of folks are going to look stupid including:

i’m gonna stay tuned.


Author: jamari fox

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5 thoughts on “let’s take a trip to “neverland firsthand””

  1. Bravo to you Jamari,

    You always get and present significant , timely and engaging news and insight. Your deserving of more acclaim .

  2. Dude get over your obsession with Michael Jackson. No grown man sleeps in the bed with horny teenagers and shows off his penis case closed. You’re in denial which is okay but don’t dismiss abuse victims just because his songs make you feel good. I bet you haven’t read any case files on Michael Jackson huh, because you know it contains things you wouldn’t like to read. Better yet instead of doing some twitter investigations how about you do your own. You’re cappin for a man who never donated to his own community nor cared to be associated with the black community. Oprah has done 10X more for the black community, than the legacy/emotional connection of Michael Jackson’s songs.

    1. where are the facts to back up that these boys are telling the truth.
      some of us live in fact base reality. when people like you take the word of individuals who can’t keep their story nor time line straight.
      and for Oprah, she aint shit. you truly believe that Oprah is the end all be all for the black community.
      Oprah will be the next person who they will tear down just like they have done Michael Jackson and Bill Cosby

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