jussie smollett has become the punchline now

imagine working your tail off to suddenly become “the joke”?
i don’t think jussie smollett saw that in the cards.
jussie was the target of chris rock at the naacp awards yesterday.
this is what he said:

i see many laughing too.

here is my quick thought

first of all:

“what the hell were yoouuuuuuuuu thinking?”

so as you know,
or didn’t,
but chris rock is a comedian.
he acts,
but his start was on the comedy circuit.
most comedians have no filter.
his job is to tell jokes,
and realistically,
jussie smollett is about to be the butt of many.
i do feel like non-comedic celebs should stay out of it.
leave the opinions to the rest of us who work bts.
his peers should let this pass.
if jussie is allegedly guilty of his crime,
folks don’t want to look like a blind follower.

as for jussie.
he’s going through his humiliation storm and it may last a while.
he’s gonna have to hunker down until it passes.
whenever tf that will be.

lowkey: this better pass before “empire” starts filming.

9 thoughts on “jussie smollett has become the punchline now

  1. Chris Rock should’ve went even harder on Jussie’s narcissist ass. He deserves all the memes and comedy skits the internet can throw at him. I hope Jussie’s acts serves as an example to young people that consequences are attached to your actions.

    1. Thank you for saying that. because half of these young people think that you can say and do anything and there is no consequences.
      when they find out there is a price for it, they so quick to say its not fair.

  2. Chris Rock says Jussie doesn’t deserve respect but he’s the same man who sat & laughed off a white man saying “nigger” ! Man gtfoh black ppl kill tf outta me….

    1. Exactly. He’s a damn hypocrite. I don’t respect anyone that allows themselves to be debase.

    2. I agree with you totally!!! Chris Rock can kiss my entire ass after that comment!! Fake ass!!

      1. Co-sign. He can attack and humiliate a black gay man in front of millions but let’s see if he finds the courage to confront his white buddies using the n-word!

        Also, Chris Rock’s colorist comments are wack AF. It’s 2019, not 1919.

        1. that’s a Comedian job. their job is too take a dark subject and make it funny so that you can look at and question it.
          to get mad at Chris Rock because he’s like everybody else, who do not believe Jussie story. oh well. I do not believe his story so sue me.

  3. You know what makes me laugh about people sometimes. People are always ready to ridicule others for mistakes as if they are free of any. If he lied or if he’s telling the truth so what… All this talk about dividing people and not believing in a hate crime now because of this incident is 100% Bullshit.

    People are going to believe what they want. Remember, everyone is a professional investigator, lawyer, police officer and politician over the internet.

    He got off, get over it and move on with your life…but the present day Internet activists (I also call them bridge trolls) won’t give it a rest.

    First comment I saw was that it will make it harder for folks to believe hate crimes now…and that’s bullshit too.

    They ain’t never liked your black ass to begin with and don’t let you be a part of the LGBTQ ABCDEFG. By their logic, God already hates you, so they do too, they just have to tolerate you because they waiting on Jesus to come back (a white man with a perm..) so they can gloat that they are going to heaven & you going to hell.

  4. Yes the blowback continues bc the city of Chicago wants the money they spent on the investigation. Ppl thought he was going to be there bc he was in LA but I guess he knew somebody was going to say something even though the show told them not too. It’s going to last until the next news cycle hits with some type of scandal…I guess the R Kelly trial. But you knew Chris Rock couldn’t pass that up nor can any of the other comedians. Innocent or guilty its still making news. Best to keep a low profile until this blows over instead of talking to the media and having press conferences. It still remains to be seen what empire does…renew season, kill him off or just let it blow over. I don’t think its been decided. Remember somebody is dying…some thought it wb Andre since he has cancer but this is tv…they could switch up and make it Jussie character. lol

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