rip nipsey hussle

2019 is wild.
it has been one thing after another.
i didn’t know much about nipsey hussle.
he wasn’t someone i really listened to,
but i knew of him.
this is the last thing i saw with him…

x and the pics from this recent gq article

…and i thought it was really sweet.
their chemistry is undeniable.
nispey was murdered today.
his last tweet was incredibly eerie:

i was disturbed by the cpr footage and his bloody head many posted.
that’s one of the things about social media that bothers me.
we see people in their last moments in real time.
either way,
this is all really sad.
i’ve read how he was really smart and spoke a lot of truth.

at 33,
he was way too young to leave this forest.
i’m sending tremendous prayers to his cubs,
and especially lauren london,
who has been dating him since 2013.
they have a son together.
i can only imagine what she’s going through.
very sad story.
may he rest peacefully.

lowkey: the last alleged shot moments before he was killed…


Author: jamari fox

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23 thoughts on “rip nipsey hussle”

  1. I saw this…what a Damn shame!!! He was doing alot in the community that he was from and pushed black ownership. Truth be told he was a man that was setting an example and had moved himself away from the shenanigans. Truly SAF!!!!๐Ÿ˜’๐Ÿ˜’๐Ÿ˜’

    1. my friend just sent me a video of this guy on ig live bragging about killing nipsey infront of his daughter. im sick…

  2. Its sad what happened to him, Iโ€™m praying for his kids & family however….

    Nipsey was a homophobe who promoted & glorified the gangbanging lifestyle I saw this outcome a mile away this is a cold cold world.
    Blacks especially these young black men are their own worst enemies, killing each other but George Zimmerman is a free man.

    1. I didn’t want to post negative things about the dead and my sympathies are with Lauren London and her children with Nipsey Hussle, but he did make homophobic comments last year downing black gay men. Not only did he not apologize when confronted, he went in, hard. It’s unfortunate he could not see all black people as one and show gay/bi/trans folks love, instead sticking with that homophobic ting but as you say, he was about that life and it’s now sadly taken his own.

      1. Never even heard of him.cause I don’t keep up with that type of Black culture but since you said all of this how do people sympathize with someone so hateful and call them great. He doesn’t even like his own people?!?!

    2. GLAD somebody said it before I did!! He was another fake woke hotep who didn’t like gays. Sorry but not a teardrop is coming out from this side!

      This was just LAST year btw.


      I don’t believe that Dr Sebi BS either! People in our community just like deflecting blame on white people instead of admitting we have a gang violence problem. Especially in LA where its been going on for over 40 years. Nipsey had ties in LA.

      XXXtentacion was also murdered in his hometown. That wasn’t a conspiracy, turns out some delinquent hoodrats from the area wanted to rob him.

  3. Hmmmm…This has been an interesting year. From R.Kelly, to Jussie, to Cardi B’s druggy ways. I don’t know ow who the guy in this post is or anything but from what I saw online, he seems to be popular.

    I wonder who’s next?

    1. I wonder whoโ€™s next? What a tacky thing to say. Aren’t you usually posting about the retrograde of Mercury and other such psychic astrological superstitious energy?

      Why don’t you tell us with your crystal ball that has the answers.

    2. He was known in the rap community for a long time but he wasn’t mainstream, but he was somewhat like a rap celebrity in the black hip hop world. Longtime rap fans know who he is. I don’t blame you if you don’t though, he wasn’t really an industry person. I knew him but wasn’t a fan

      1. Thanks for the comments people. I don’t keep up with these folks to be honest.

        After reading he was a homophobe tho…ew.

    1. I get your feeling because what he stated each time was hurtful to our community. On another note though what you was really nasty and so unnecessary. Please brother do better and don’t push hate.

      1. @Mysonne

        Thanks, but Iโ€™ll just continue doing me if you donโ€™t mind.
        You can meet your enemies with kindness and little puppies if that makes you feel better. Iโ€™ll meet my enemies with a kick to the throat.

        1. I mean it seems like you did not Fuck with him in life so bother commenting (in such a nasty way) in death? And him your enemy? Yeah he said some Fuck-shit but seriously (your enemy). Did you know this nigga??? Really you probably wanted to say that shit anyway!!! This just gave you an excuse to be your nasty!!! LIKE I SAID DO BETTER NIGGA!!!! Good Day!!

  4. I was never really a fan of Nipsey. Not that I didn’t like his music… just not into rap like that. It looks like he was making big moves.

    This is what I want to address. I see that black internet has hopped on this myth about a Dr. Sebi curing AIDS and cancer. This has really irritated me. The conspiracies are tantamount to a community drinking the kool-aid. Look it up.

    1. I’ve been debating otherwise intelligent friends about this all day. Most of us never even heard of him but Big Pharma is out here targeting him? Ok.

    2. Yeah the conspiracy shit bothering me big time. It’s amazing what our people jump on the bandwagon to believe. The government and big pharmaceutical companies conspired to take him out because he was promoting this dude that has a cure for AIDS. Like…wow.
      They don’t see/understand that an ignorant black man chose to take this man’s life for some stupid reason. March for black on black crime like they March when someone white kills a black person. It’s worse when one of our own does it for such a meaningless reason.

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