they are dragging nipsey hussle to the ends of hell

i have never seen so many folks drag a dead person.
as you know,
nipsey hussle was murdered last night.
his corpse is getting dragged by gays and some black vixens alike.
i honestly forgot all about his past nonsense until…

… i got a refresher course.

weird because…

x see my past entry on him

i realized i dragged him for his rank homophobia in his past.

and this is just my opinion,
but i’m not gonna STILL drag him for his past nonsense in death.
i forgot he even existed,
it wasn’t until that interview with lauren london that i remembered him.
he came off like the typical ignorant hood pineapple.
i already fonted what i needed to font and kept it moving.
if you’re a dumb ass,
i’ll make an effort to shame you.
i won’t carry around the bitterness like a heat seeking missile.

don’t know if he apologized for his past homophobic stance,
but i’ve become a fox of “actions speak louder” than a typical pr apology.
i hope that while he was here on earth,
he was able to change his homophobic views and become better. 
i thought it was a pretty sad end to his life.
he was murdered by someone he knew.

so there is no need being spiteful by hocking a loogie on his grave.
God will be the one to hand him his fate.
i could be different tho. 

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

35 thoughts on “they are dragging nipsey hussle to the ends of hell”

  1. This is a little off topic but something really needs to be done about the toxic mentality amongst some “straight black males”. A lot of them are full of self hatred, envy, insecurity and anger. They love attacking black women and other black men who are goal oriented and not about the fuck boy lifestyle. I don’t know why that man chose to kill Nipsey but he has no idea how many lives he’s ruined by his selfish actions.

    Based on my experiences “straight black men” will be the first to fuck you over, despite the fact that you share the same skin color but they have no issues licking white ass. When I walk through NYC I can feel the evil eyes I get from other black men. We need to stop seeing one another as competition and stop trying to fight for that one token spot. I have cut off so many black male friends because of their cooning and bafooning.

    1. You are very right when you say we need to stop seeing one another as competition. Blacks and Latino dudes will look at you like something wrong with you if you just say hello. Like wtf?!
      How can we ask other races to respect us, when we can’t get past our own foolishness. I heard a guy on the train once say dudes aren’t supposed to say hello/wassup to one another…that’s that gay shit. I laughed and just shook my head.

    2. This!! I was walking in my neighborhood and I saw one of the local hoodrats on a bike.. I didn’t give him eye contact but I felt him sizing me up. For no damn reason! The worst part is these hoodlums never give that same energy to white folks but the moment they see a black male who looks just like them they are quick to get confrontational. I hate generalizing but I totally understand your comments about straight black men, not all but many carry that toxic mindset where they get defensive & see red whenever another young black male is present. I generally keep many at arms-length because of that until I can see that they can be trusted. I’m not on Nipsey’s bandwagon either, he wanted whats right primarily for straight black MEN, everybody else in the community was secondary.

      Oh and Jamari, Nipsey didn’t apologize, he doubled down.

  2. Nope he never apologized for his homophobic tweets & when Deray Mckesson called him out, he doubled down and said he owns his own platform so he doesn’t really care & doesn’t have to be politically correct.

    You call it bitterness, dragging, etc. but in 2019 I REFUSE to have compassion for someone who didn’t have compassion for me or my community. DEAD or ALIVE!!


  3. I did not really care much for him, but I would not wish this on my worst enemy. This man was a father, and be will be missed by his family. I am tired of the gun violence in our community as well.

  4. This is why I be loving the Foxhole sometimes. Folks get on here unapologetic about bullcrap and voice it and I agree with these posts. Bring the facts.

    He was making big moves outwardly but how about inwardly cause from what the link shows he was still full of hate and for his own people at that…so how can he even be praised when he spoke down on Black women and gay black men?

    Thank you for this post Jamari. Had no idea who this fellow was and just how much of a monster his views were. It’s hard to wish anyone peace when they seek to cause strife.

    1. That maybe so and that’s nice of him. That do not take away the bullshit that he said. I wish people like you will stop trying to spin a narrative to justify this bullshit some of these rappers being saying and doing.

  5. I’d also like to say that just because he was a father doesn’t excuse his behavior. There are plenty of men that have children but that doesnt make them automatically deserving of people’s sorrow. As much as I would feel sorry for the kids, I often wonder if he would instill the same bigoted hateful attitude on them like he had? He probably teach them the same values he had.

    Some people may miss him, but would he miss us as a gay/bi men?

  6. Please yall sound ridiculous….Gays have said worst about themselves. Half the community is infecting their brethren with HIV without a care in the world. Just because people dont agree with your lifestyle dont make them homophobic. He also apologized about liking and co signing that dumb tweet years ago.

    Quit shitting on this man’s death over trivia shit. Like how many times I heard Gays call each other Faggots and Queens like its nothing. We all got work to do….stop having a pitty over Nipsey. He learn that so call Anti Gay behavior probably from his Black Mother….not to mentiom his African born Eritrean father.

    I’m sure he grew up in a traditional household from that perspective.
    If yall dont have none positive to say about the man, leave it. Just go back to thirsting over straight male IG thots and ballers who probably feel the sameway yall accused Nipsey of being.

  7. Like for instance the constant posting of Lamonte….who only see Gays as a coin. He has said homophobic shit in the past and has views aline with Donald Trump of all people. But him being attractive, having a big dick/ass is enough for yall to excuse his behavior….especially after he start letting the Gays play and sit on it. Lmao

    1. I don’t know who you are Truth, but I like you.

      How do you celebrate a person’s death because they said a few problematic things in life? Can somebody show me where he advocated violence against gay men and black women? Can you show me where he wanted corrective therapy for gays? I’m not defending his words, however, he was MURDERED. Like shot and killed.

      Headshot. 5 shots in vital organs.

      So y’all cool with that? There’s nothing wrong with having a difference of opinion. Nobody has to agree with us being attracted to the same sex, however everyone is owed respect on an individual basis. That’s like someone criticizing Israel and it’s policies. All of a sudden, you’re anti-semetic. This cancelling culture is what’s toxic as fuck. Not everybody is going to like you. Not everybody is going to agree with you and how you live your life.

      Deal. With. That.

      How many famous rappers STAY in their hood to try to better it? Like on the ground, doing work, and leading by example? The rest of these rappers say fuck thier neighborhoods and shit on where they come from. But y’all only lookin at the negative. Now the whole LGBT community is dragging him thru the mud. How Does that make the LGBT community any better? LGBT is just as dangerous as a collective as any other group. Fuck outta here.

      1. Thank you for this Post….I fucks with u as well.

        Like I’m tired of they ass, Black Women and these Black Gays alike.

        Funny how they are the number one viewers to shows like Love and Hip Hop (ATL, Hollywood, Miami etc) Housewives franchise etc. Such positive shows lol But its this Nipsey hate train going on.

        All the dudes they thirst over like and posting his picks across IG….Yall going to cancel them too or u going to continue to fantasize about having them beat yall miserable bussies in smh.

      2. Amen Amen Amen. If you did not Fuck wit him why comment! As Rick James would say…”They should have never gave some you n*****’s an opinion”!!!

  8. He did so much for his community and y’all in here complaining about some shit that happen years ago. I tired gay people and black women acting like y’all toxic either. Now is not the time for the toxic masculinity bull shit.

    1. It happened LAST YEAR not “years ago.” If you can’t deal with hearing other people’s valid critiques fill your ears with wax. And this site commentariat is mostly gay black people so if you don’t like it or can’t deal, you know you can step, bruh. Just keeping it real.

    1. ADDENDUM:

      Isn’t funny how Black Gay Men can’t even come together for a proper dragging of a known HOMOPHOBE? Instead, focus has been shifted to the commentary given by those who refuse to be polite to a dead THUG BIGOT. If we can’t even come together to denounce a man or institution that hates our very existence how the hell will we ever achieve “community?” They say Cats and Democrats can’t be wrangled nor herded into any direction with uniformity. I’m beginning the think the same applies to BLACK GAY MEN.

      My views are bombastic by nature. Why? Because if I can’t be myself here in this space then why should I continue visiting? If you haven’t noticed by now, I don’t post my thoughts for popularity nor winning over new friends or allies.

      I regret nothing.

      1. Facts. I’m still remaining defiant in my statements. If you don’t “agree” with homosexuality (which doesn’t make sense, because people are gay REGARDLESS of whether you “agree” or not) then you don’t respect my humanity as a whole and I will forever give you the FUCK YOU. I couldn’t care less what these enabling gays are trying to font in the comments, a homophobe is no different than a racist in my eyes.

        Black people say mean shit about each other all the time, does that mean we’re not allowed to critique a racist white person when they die? The deflection is laughable. He made that comment about gay men last year and did not apologize. I don’t give a fuck what he was “doing for the community”, that man was pro-straight men first before everything else. I said what I said.

        1. Endless

          No one has to agree with your sexuality just like they dont have to agree with your politics…..Gays are equating their choosing men as if it’s the natural order of things. I admit im a Bisexual, its the way I am but im not going to equate it to me being with a Heterosexual. In the End whether u believe it or not, we are anomalies in this world because ultimately Men cant get other men pregnant….vice versa for women. Its a reason for that….whether u like it or not.

          1. Choosing men? Are you slow or are you slow? Unlike your flippidity floppidy confused “bisexual” ass, most of us didn’t CHOOSE to be attracted to men. We just happen to be attracted to them naturally. That’s what makes somebody homosexual. Being attracted to the same sex, not having sex with the same sex. Get the fuck outta here with that bullshit.

            So as I said, regardless of “agreeing” or not, it doesn’t make sense because the person will remain gay at the end. Being gay isn’t a CHOICE. That’s the bottomline.

            I couldn’t care less with what you “equate” with being a heterosexual because clearly your mode of thought doesn’t align with common sense.

      2. Well consider me a Gay bigot then because you sir are a miserable Queen….nothing good is going to come of your reckless tongue and Evil hearted rhetoric. He dead moved on… who sits on the blogs to dragged a dead man, focus on living your life.

        1. @Truth

          The only MISERABLE person I see here is YOU.
          You believe gay men “choose” their sexuality and we’re not
          part of nature. If someone read your comments out loud to a stranger on the street they would think you’re a religious nutjob.

          Black gay men like you are dangerous. You’re a SELF HATING homosexual who needs help. I’ll be skipping past your dumbass comments from now on. 🙄

          1. Coming from a person who made a someone’s death over hurt feelings FOH….who really miserable. You been writing dissertation through out this blog over Nipsey

            Keep skipping because you are irrelevant and a angry Queen. You added nothing but hate, u may as well shot the dude yourself.


        2. @Truth maybe you need to face your own “truth” and be real with yourself. Stop masquerading as “masc str8” on gay apps while sucking dick in your local backstreet corner. The irony of you trying to emasculate another man on here when you probably engage in the most odious diabolical debauchery behind closed doors. You’re the type to defame gay men in public while going out on the prowl when you think the coast is clear.

          You’re on this site like everybody else scrolling past “MEAT” posts but you wanna stand on your soapbox and demean another person? LMAO I have to laugh!

          I carelessly answered your first reply objectively unbeknownst to the subsequent fact that you clearly lack common sense and font like a remedial air-headed bigot.

          Don’t forget to brush your teeth when you wake up, I’m sure it’s filled with the semen residue from your last swallow4swallow BJ!

          Sometimes when folks are in the gutter you also gotta temporarily take it there to remind them of how lowdown they are! Human sewage you are!

          1. Two Lame misrable Queens thats a “Truth” for both of yall ass.

            Im not reading these novels you two girls keep posting.

            I said what many was afraid to say about yall angry kids shitting on this man’s death…have some self esteem and stop throwing grievances over people who dont agree with your lifestyle.

            The same wolves you thirst over dont agree either….dont just cancel a dead man, do so for the Lamonte’s and the Anton Johnsons’ (whom I personslly know) as well.


  9. can i font something?
    it’s probably gonna get me in trouble,
    but we shall see…

    it’s really interesting to me see some gay males coming together to drag nipsey,
    but most gay males don’t even like/care for other gay males.
    some gay males are just as vile to each other as how nipsey was with his views.
    some of the comments here about some of the males i post are downright nasty.
    even to me.
    some of my views folks don’t always agree with,
    and that’s fine,
    but some of my same gay breddren have disrespected and dragged me.
    i’m thankful i’m able to let it roll off my back,
    but like i fonted,
    it’s all rather interesting.
    so before we start dragging others for their actions,
    i think some need to check themselves for their own disgusting behavior.

    am i being ignorant with this?

    1. No, you’re not being ignorant. You are one of the gifted communicators, Jamari Fox. And some of us black gay men DO love other black gay men and black men and black people. Many black gay people can be homophobic because we internalize the hatred against us and hate ourselves. Many of us feel rage and hatred against each other and don’t even know why. But very few people love us, care for us, treat us well, so we have to learn to do it to each other and for each other.

      And it’s one thing when someone says something homophobic and, when challenged, says, Hey, you know, I could be wrong about this. I need to respect your humanity, despite your different sexual orientation or gender. They may not say it like that, but you get my drift. Nipsey Hussle didn’t do that. Do I celebrate his death? Hell no.

      I don’t want any black person to die; the heinous criminals can rot in jail (and the ones one possession crimes or who’ve missed child support, etc. should be freed). I don’t ever celebrate black deaths. I mourn the fact that he was murdered in cold blood like that. At the same time, I’m not going to act like Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. just died. In my first post I said I felt bad for Lauren London, whose two babies now no longer have a father. My heart is with her and those children.

    2. This isnt a straight vs gay thing….this is right versus wrong. I don’t like how right after this man was just brutally murdered, you provide an outlight for other miserable Gays to come sprought rhetoric towards this man. He was complex but he isn’t the big bad homophobic bully yall trying to make him out to be.

      Its almost like yall using this as some type of get back.

      Anytime Straight men don’t prioritize or cater to Gay men’s fantasies or infatuation….they get in their feelings.

      You do it all the time….so quick to bash an anntenisto because he dont wont yall ass on his social media and such.

      You chased a straight man around even though he told you he like women….u tried to make him DL in your head and when he didnt reciprocate those feelings, u got mad.

      He wasnt shit but I bet u wouldn’t have let some Gay male string u along like that.

      I see hypocracy of course imma call it out, point blank….love the blog but I’m never going to blindly cosign anyone if they do shit I dont agree with.

      Has nothing to do about attacking you for posting these IG Thots…..who probably side with Nipsey on his views regarding homosexuality.

      But they look good which is all thats needed for yall to feature and let they BS slide.

      I like the Eye Candy but lets not act like they aint a bunch of Nipseys running around in their beliefs.

  10. Nah, not at all. Each person is living for himself; his own happiness is all he can ever personally feel. When you realize that no one owes you happiness or anything else, you’ll be freed from expecting what isn’t likely to be. There is a diff between owned respect and earned respect.

    Last time I checked, the straights come together and do the same thing about fact it’s all institutional. The very same bigoted heterosexual religious values continue to trickle down. It affects gays, blacks and everything else. Most gays don’t like each other because they are taught by the same comments some of the posters mentioned the guy said.

    I know people from 3rd ward where they will cut off your head and leave it on your mother’s doorstep without even batting an eyelash over a drug deal or if you don’t have their money…. That’s bad….

    Folks must be living in the Twilight Zone today. D?

    He may have tried to improve “his community” and

    that pissed someone off. Dipping into stuff like that is like sticking your chest out to the Mafia or Yakuza…they have highly organized structure set up and ain’t bout to let nobody fuk it up. I bet that’s why those other rappers do stay away from their own community. Folks acting shocked…This ain’t no Disney movie…

    And him getting dragged ain’t nothing new…even if his tweet was “years ago.” You think folks care? They still drag Michael Jackson to this day and he was a legend and been gone far longer

    Loss of human life might always seem sad but it should be a wake up call that anyone of our asses can go just as quick. The only sad realization is that your words, images and videos will outlast you. Even if it was a past “mistake” people will continue to talk about while you’re on the ground and six feet under it.

    For the Lamonte thing. It’s human nature to desire what is appealing to the eyes. Everyone does it with everything from clothes to food, but hatred is taught and continued to be promoted against not only gays but people of color and everthever else and passed down from generation like a cycle.

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