august alsina allegedly pens a break up song for jada pinkett smith

oh september…
i’ve missed your nonsense.
so we always font about gay jackals being messy and outing others.
you know the ones who knew what they were getting in,
or what was getting into them,
but didn’t know how to play their position.
well that might have been the story for august alsina.
he was the side piece to jada pinkett smith.
not will.
the alleged break up must have been real bitter.
they both allegedly aren’t following each other anymore either.
(via hollywood unlocked)

august must have caught feelings because he took it to a song.
he did this remix of “nunya” from kehlani and well…


…and the gif of her in “a low down dirty shame”.
(one of my favorite movies,
jada must have that fire.
well i don’t know if this is all true,
but even straight males can be very emotional.
even though he’s carrying that “arbys” in those drawz…

…august has always been very emotional tho.
this is his alter-emotional-ego,
is a thing.
didn’t he pull this same shit with tremaine back in the day?

lowkey: personally,
if i was jada,
i would have been “kitty cougar catting” with kofi:

….but that’s just me tho.

Author: jamari fox

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