“Some of The Straights Treat Gays Like The White Folks Treat Them”

that headline was something i read today.
it’s true.
no matter how masculine you are,
or how much you look like an extra in “300”,
it is what it is.
rapping hyena,
nipsey hussle,
allegedly seems to think so.
he posted a picture of some cubs on his ig and had an interesting status.
this is whathe posted…

i mean it is his opinion and all.
he has every right to think and assume what he wants.
how does he know some of those cubs won’t turn into hood rats?
or already struggling with their sexuality?
he could’ve cut a few of those sentences out.
funny tho,
when lauren london got with him…
all i needed to know by ^that alone.

lowkey:bad enough some of the straights think like this,
but some of the gays will also think the same to each other.
all a mess?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

12 thoughts on ““Some of The Straights Treat Gays Like The White Folks Treat Them””

  1. I think what he was trying to say is that with the media constantly showing us black people that fit the thug or gay narrative, etc., it is good to see black people not part of the narrative or stereotype (now we don’t know if anybody in that room is gay or not). I didn’t get offended by what he said, we have to remember, who controls the flow of information.

  2. I think he meant homosexual as in effeminate. In the minds of those who are in the black community, those two terms go hand in hand. If your gay, you gotta be girly. While I do think that there is an overall agenda to undermine the image of the black man, I don’t think it’s wise for someone like Nipsey Hussle to say something inflammatory that further isolates and segregates our own group. We need everybody to fight this battle. And besides, it’s not like being a gang memeber adds positivity to the black man’s public image.

  3. Am I the only one who don’t get offend about this type of shit. Being black and gay I hear black people (Male and Female.) say things way worse and I don’t even feel nothing about this post. Not ever thug is Dl or going to be cool with LGBT. WHO THE FUCK CARES live your damn life and be happy FUCK. Do something positive black LGBT stop depending hetero people shit never going change with them.

  4. How do gays largely treat people that are fat and not conventionally attractive? Not to mention the classism.

    It’s easy to play victim *shrugs*.

  5. Some gays, especially in big cities constantly downing one another, looking @ the superficial, always crying foul when someone says something, treat our own like shit. The lgbt community don’t need to say a damn thing till we clean up our own house!

  6. I can’t believe that everyone seems to agree with his comments. He wedged homosexuals in between two very negative things for a reason. He’s not fucking with us even on a basic level of respect level. And like you said it doesn’t matter how masc you come off either cause being gay to them makes you not a real nigga anymore🙄

  7. Y’all dumbasses in here agreeing with him, when he basically said he don’t want ya gay asses representing the community.

  8. I’m raising an eyebrow at folks agreeing with his totally dismissive attitude towards homosexuals (it’s not spelled homo sexual 🙄). The fact that he used homosexual and strong men and YOUNG men in the same sentence is telling and is offensive. Whether or not a Black LGTBQ person gets offended is based on their own temperament (or partiality 😉) but his comment is crass and downright disrespectful.

    All I see is a picture of a bunch of black men dressed in tuxedos and that’s supposed to equate to “black excellence” and the strength of men? 🙄 Get out of here with these “self inspired” promo pics fishing for praises and likes.

    Black heteroids are obsessed with trying to “preserve masculinity and the Black image” or so they believe…

    The fact that he said “God is with us, who can go against us”, is a phrase only a fool would use in this context, especially with him undermining homosexuality and sandwiching it between violence and abandonment…which is strange, considering your own people will KILL and ABANDON you for being one? 🙃

    He’s a fool and so are his followers. Blacks need effective explanation not excuses…What he should have said was that in order to create a strong man & WOMAN, (since he low-key is stating that femininity is a sign of weakness) is for us to come together and love each other and accept our brother and sister as a human being and not an asset.

    This should not about being a “strong black man” this should be about being a strong black force together as one.

    His comment was just straight up shady to the nth power and he needs to be given a “sexual supremacist” hat and told to go sit in the corner and think about what he considers strength.

  9. Lol @ the apologist homos in these comments cosigning with this BUFFOON. Y’all must be fat/ugly or used to rejection to try spin this and villanize the LGBT community as if any community is perfect. That’s like saying black people kill each other regularly so we shouldn’t get mad when a black person dies in a racially motivated killing by a white person. GTFOH with that bullshit.

    Nipsey is a clown and is one of those lose fake deep straight black men who preach one thing and do the complete opposite. He also once said that black women are a disgrace to black culture, let’s not go there with this one.

    I swear the hoodbooger persona that has PLAGUED black men worldwide honestly makes me sick. It’s because of fools like him why young black boys aspire to only be policed, hypemasculine, hypersexual, ignoramus men who only follow one mode in life.

    I’m sick of this shit and we need to break this mould. It’s because of guys like HIM, that black men in the western world are often stereotyped as illiterate, temperamental thugs. I hate that stereotype so much.

  10. Yall gays agreeing is like when whites say racist shit and theres always them COONS that will agree. Yall stay throwing FELLOW gays under the bus to defend these str8 men that diss yall. Self hate.

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