Prince Is Not Gay: As Told by Bobby Lytes

the self proclaimed,
“the fresh prince of south beach”,
is gearing up for his debut on #lhhmia tonight.

he is so cute.
it seems everyone is starting to allegedly “bark” in the forests about him.
so much so,
cast mate bobby lytes,
had to set some folks straight about prince.
this is what he posted on his ig

^that was also posted on the “industry on blast” ig.
sidebar: why did i think that was fab in that pic?
it caused prince to hop in the “industry on blast” comments.
this is what a vix-bi sent me:

one of the greatest lessons you have to learn is to “not respond”.
folks will “bark”,
but your response is what either fuels the fire or admits your guilt.
God forbid you are going at someone with receipts.
you legit need to be like this when someone is barking at you:

i have learned to do ^that face very well.

prince could very well be straight tho.
the other “prince”,
the real legend who recently passed,
was feminine and he was out here snatching vixens.
straight wolves can have gay friends.
even if the straight is sexy af,
not every male that stands next to a gay is fuckin.
it was good of bobby to set that straight.
even tho he is messy af,
i’ll allow it.
i can’t wait to see what prince has to bring to the ratchet table tonight.

lowkey: prince got swagg tho…

they gonna eat him alive on social media if he responds.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on “Prince Is Not Gay: As Told by Bobby Lytes”

  1. He sounds like Regina George’s mom “I’m not like other gay guys, I’m cool!”

    Straight men rarely see a difference. They just say that shit to finesse these gullible gay dudes out of something. Similar to that “You’re not like other girls” line they run on women lol

    Now watch, soon as they fall out he’ll be screaming they were in a secret relationship.

    Judging by what I’ve seen, he’s the exact caricature of gay man he’s too cool to be associated with.

  2. This reminds me of that dude that blac chyna cheated on rob with. The rarri one that was doing a lot of barking and was forgotten….til now at least.

  3. Neither one of them are cute so whatever. These people get in the limelight and thank they the shiz’nit..Need sum meat on them bones. Looking at them like Miley in the GIF.

    Good Murica for ya.

  4. After watching the first episode, I’m not a fan of Bobby Lytes. Like @JAY said, his character is a caricature of a gay man and also good observation @JAY about him trying to pump himself up and others down by saying, “I’m not like your typical “gay guy.” That statement confuses the hell out of me coming from him because episode one depicted him as the stereotypical gay gay. Lol

    Jamari, I agree with you. Sometimes the best response is no response at all. Prince should have just let people talk. I know it probably came out wrong, but he probably could have left the comment out about him owning all his flaws, therefore if he was gay, bi, he would openly say so. Being gay is not a flaw.

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