“13 Reasons Why” Being A Dumb Ass Isn’t A Good Idea

“13 reasons why” was an excellent show on netflix.
i urge the foxhole to check it out when you get a chance.
well one of the actors turned out to be a real jackal tho.
bryan box,
welcome to your entry via a foxholer and “ny daily news”

Police have arrested a “13 Reasons Why” actor accused of using his role on the show to take advantage of and rob elderly people.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle , Bryan Box was taken into police custody on suspicion of stealing from and burglarizing older Bay Area residents.

The 23-year-old, known for playing Jamie Garrison on the controversial Netflix series, was charged with nine felony counts of burglary, possession of stolen property and theft by a caretaker of an elder.

Box reportedly worked as a caretaker for various elderly people in Marin County before landing a part on “13 Reasons Why.”

Police first connected him to a string of burglaries in residences in Greenbrae, Tiburon, Navato and Mill Valley, Calif. Box reportedly once worked in each of the robbed homes.

Box has been accused of six different burglaries.

The Marin Independent-Journal reported that Box used his role on the streaming series to his advantage in many of the robberies committed.

He’s accused of having stopped by the homes of former clients to discuss his part in the show.

After their visits, several residents noticed items had gone missing from their home.

Items stolen include Jewelry, medications, a laptop, a social security card and checks.

One of the six burglaries committed totaled $50,000 in missing items.

Police obtained a search warrant on Box’s home in Vallejo, Calif., during which they found a number of stolen items.

Police also allegedly tied Box to an Oakland pawn shop where they found several other stolen items.

The manager of the establishment recalled speaking with Box and mentioned his “recent notoriety from the television show,” a prosecution affidavit obtained by the Marin Independent-Journal revealed.

jamie garrison???
and who was he in the show???

i don’t even think this pineapple had a damn tape!
it’s a shame he allegedly ruined his non existent role.
looks like he will be out of two jobs once he gets out.

article cc: ny daily news

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

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  1. That’s my friends ex bf we was talking about this hahaha on a good note part two is coming soon my barber works with them and they just finished can’t wait

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