Justin Timberlake Wants Your Money and Attention

someone asked me at work today:

What do you think of the new JT?”

i don’t think of jt at all.
unless it’s for a foxhole entry,
of course.
i saw this:

…and i figured he went “white” on us.
“it feels like mountains,
wild west…
but nah.”
wasn’t remotely interested.
so i said i’d check out his latest video “filthy” and…

…what is this nonsense?

lowkey: i really hope janet doesn’t show up at the superbowl for him.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “Justin Timberlake Wants Your Money and Attention”

  1. Trash, Trash, AND MORE FUCKING TRASH. Why is he still here go away I’m going to not talk to shit about his songs because I didn’t click on it, he’s most definitely not getting my view NO MA’AM. I never like Justin Timberlake the only song I like by him was sinerta.

  2. I never liked him, he always seemed very insencere and arrogant. I will admit that despite not liking him i do think he is talented. With that said, that filthy song is a mess. It sounds like a rehash of sexy back gone through the “new taylor” wash cycle, Not impressed.

  3. This man copies anyone. Now he’s sounding like bon iver and some other talented obscure white singers that mixe bluegrass techno and pop
    Sigh…never liked the guy

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