why did they have anchors on their feet for janet?

i’m confused.
well about 2 things actually:

1why was janet performing on the “tom joyner foundation fantastic voyage” cruise over the weekend?
kinda beneath her.

2 why were people just…
standing around?

i saw these videos on twitter and ig

i know the tom joyner crowd is heavy on the metamucil,
but what in the hell?
most of them were around for janet’s prime.
i’d expect this kind of energy for a new act,
but this is janet!
she deserves so much more than that dead sea. 

pictures: twitter

video: instagram

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

17 thoughts on “why did they have anchors on their feet for janet?”

  1. What in the hell?!!! Janet Jackson is a living legend and she doesn’t deserve to be performing for a crowd like that. I saw her in concert twice, and I was losing my mind at both shows. Prime example of everyone not being worthy of nice things.

  2. I don’t think its beneath her or any other black artist. They raise scholarship money to keep students in black colleges. There is a waitlist from 2 years ago. Suites are like $10,000 – These are very wealthy black ppl on board the cruise. I wanted to go so bad and had to put down $500 for next years cruise. Its like the Essence Festival on water. Diana Ross (2016) New Edition, Patti LaBelle, Earth Wind & Fire, Jamie Foxx

  3. We also have to keep in mind that these people aren’t typical Janet fans. They all booked and paid for the show without knowledge of Janet performing. The cruise was sold out before she was even announced as a performer

    1. ^janet is a world renowned entertainer and legend.
      they should be thrilled she was technically a surprise.

      this is just my thoughts on this.
      you’d think she was megan the stallion or city girls lol

  4. Not necessarily that this is beneath her I am surprised that Janet did this anyway, she must owed someone a favor, but, as other posters pointed out, you have to have a little change to be aboard this cruise and most of the acts are Showbiz Royalty, and the people who attend this cruise are probably 40 at the youngest and most are probably in their late 50’s. They would have probably lost their mind if The Jackson 5 or Reebie and Latoya would have performed, Janet is a little young for this crowd. Years ago I found out how expensive it was and knew then that nobody young probably be in attendance due to the price. I have had some friends to go and they told me that a ton of celebrities are on the cruise both performing and in attendance, and it was good time but their pockets were light after paying for everything.

    1. ^thank you tajan for correctly showing me more about how tom joyner’s cruises get down.
      i’m from a different generation so i was confused as to why it was so dead in that crowd.

  5. Sorry Jamari. You’re clearly misinformed about who Tom Joyner is and what he does for the community and who he is to the community. I bet if were a cruise hosted by Ryan Seacrest you’d be all for it. How is this beneath her?

    1. ^well instead of you coming on here being extremely shady,
      you could have informed me of my ignorance.

      i came from of a place of it being beneath her because from the looks of the crowd,
      it appears they felt she was beneath them.
      janet jackson is a high energy performer and no one is showing her that same amount of love.

    1. SAME HERE!!! Much as I did during the SOTW1 and SOTW2 shows I attended. Bought the “Meet and Greet” package for Vegas, too!!!!!!!

  6. I initially cringed at Janet, an icon and a legend, performing on a cruise ship but then I changed my mind. Tom Joyner has supported her for decades, even when the industry blackballed her, and he continues to support her. I am proud that Janet decided to put pride aside, return the love and support his charity cruise, despite how some might see it as a downgrade. Even though the crowd is mature, I feel like they still could have shown more energy. A lot of artist feed off the crowd’s energy and they were not giving her anything…but she still put on a great show and I know Tom is appreciative.

    1. As a longtime Janet stan, THANKS for saying this. Not enough people see the “other side” (Joyner’s support of her career, Janet’s support of education)

  7. I was blessed to actually attend the Tom Joyner cruise when I was in my early 20’s as a college graduation gift, and this is some time ago; over 10 years. As far as the people who are on the boat you guys are spot on, on the whole boat minus staff, crew, and entertainment , there were about 6 of us in total who were in our 20’s, another 20 who were in their 30’s, the rest of the boat were in their 40’s , 50’s, and 60’s with a heavy emphasis on the 50’s and 60’s.

    I think in this case a picture speaks more than the actual video, if I can add some context. What people have to understand is this performance happened while docked in Miami which means people just boarded the boat; it takes an incredibly long time to board the boat, they suggest you get there by 12pm and boarding doesn’t stop until 4pm; from what I remember it took us about 1.5 to 2 hrs. just to get on the boat, that’s a long time in line and we were some of the first people to arrive. 2nd once you’re on the boat and get settled in you have to go through a safety drill to make sure you know how to put on your life jacket and to make sure you know where the safety boats are, and that took a long time as well. By the time all is said and done you’re tired and hungry and a little annoyed at the whole boarding process. Judging by the light in the pictures the performance probably happened between 6 to 7 pm, I think it’s a testament to Janet that there were so many people in attendance, it definitely was packed. Also you can tell by some of the pictures that even though they were there a lot of people were watching the performance through there devices, which is a crazy part of this current era to never be truly present; put down the devices and enjoy the experience.

    1. Thank you @reality616 for giving some context. I haven’t watched the video, but from the comments all over the internet the impression was that this was a disaster (relatively speaking).

  8. Well I agree with Jamari.

    This does indeed look to be “beneath” Janet. And it also looks downright disrespectful. But I’ve seen Black females sat at erotic male strip shows looking stoned faced so this doesn’t surprise me at all. Is it “uncool” to show enthusiasm when you’re a spectator in a crowd? Some people seem to think so. 🙄

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