zion wade comes out with pride

ya know,
i’ve never gone to a pride parade.
when i was finding my sexuality,
it made me uncomfortable.
it can be very “in your face” when your insecure.
i still wouldn’t go because it was never my “thing”.
i don’t do parades in the city period.
i think i did the carribean parade,
well zion wade,
dwyane wade‘s son,
went to his first pride parade with gabrielle union

can i font how impressed i am with gabrielle union?
she is a “mean vixen” turned
good mom.
dwyane couldn’t attend,
but he posted the experinece in his stories.
his older brother and baby sister went for support also:

my only concern for him being so young:

Can’t pride parades get really raunchy?

from the pictures i’ve seen,
you might see someone naked at any given moment.
i think it’s really cool he has that kinda love.
many of us didn’t have that so kudos to that family.

lowkey: people really need to mind their business.
let zion live.
some of these prents don’t even take care of their own kids.
their 15 year olds already parents or potential drug addicts.
he isn’t getting beaten or mentally abused like some of us were.
folks already showing me how abusive they will be.

Author: jamari fox

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12 thoughts on “zion wade comes out with pride”

  1. This is Soooooo Beautiful.. Acceptance saves and preserves lives.. I believe that God Made us as we are for a reason. Not for approval .

  2. The Pride Parade on Ocean Drive on South Beach is safe compared to the other violent parades in South Florida. I went last year and allot of ppl from all over came. The only fight I saw was some bitter queen fighting for space right behind me but it quite down real quick and I was along side Jonathan Plummer. It was lots of fun, street dance after the parade and fire works. April 7 prides is worth a trip and South beach is gay friendly. Gab, and Wade both deserve Glaad Awards for being accepting parents and for making it a safe zone.

  3. GOOD FOR ZION AND HIS FAMILY. THATS THE KIND OF SUPPORT YOU NEED. BUT THEN HOS FAMILY CAN AFFORD TO SUPPORT HIM..WHY? Education…yup education is the remedy to the world’s problem.

  4. I just love Gabby and Dwayne for supporting Zion! My only wish is that more Black families would follow suit and cheer on their own children. Maybe we wouldn’t lose so many babies to suicide, drugs, and homelessness.

  5. Lawd the Bible Thumping Str8 Black Folks are Triggered I tell you. They are acting like this baby is the Anti-Christ. The gossiping Christian of The Shade Room who btw ignore everything about the bible teachings except homosexuality are having fits of rage and somehow think all their Str8 children are gonna turn out Gay due to the hidden Gay agenda. Surprising, but not really many Black women are coming on strong with the negative hateful comments, not realizing that many of their sons and husbands are in some man DM’s right now trying to get dick and ass shots. I just cant with the hypocrisy of Str8 folks and their cherry picking of scripture. I have went to one Pride parade in my life and honestly, I will never go to another one, the sexual harassment of white dudes was off the chain with all the feeling and groping, I would not take a child who is 11 which is Zion age even if he expressed he was Gay. I am thinking 16 and up just for some of the behaviors that I witnessed. Of course I am sure due to his parents celebrity, they had bodyguards and the such to shield him from a lot of the negative aspects of these functions. I was a whole grown ass man and still felt uncomfortable being felt up on and they are so crowded that it is almost impossible to prevent this. Glad he has his family support it will make all the difference.

  6. Absolutely beautiful to see and so moving! I love how little Zion’s siblings are there too, affirming him and standing with him, and how his father, instead of trying to hide it, is celebrating him!

    (And Jamari Fox, even if you’ve never been to a Pride Parade–I recommend the one in NYC, since it’s probably the most diverse pride parade in the US–have you been to NY’s Black Pride? Or to the one in DC? Or Atlanta? I figured you had, but if not, I’d say please do go even once. The foxes, vixens and wolves may even be wearing sashes celebrating you and the great work you do on this site!)

  7. I went to NY Pride once and would never go again. The cops are idiots. They have every street blocked off. When the parade was over, these idiots wouldn’t let us get to the freaking subway. Had to walk 5 blocks “around”. Do you know how stupid it is to not be able to walk down a street blocked off for a parade…when the parade is over? Took forever to get home. Not to mention the White guys fetishizing me and the dirty stares from Black gays. Went with a group from school and didn’t like the vibe from them, either.

  8. I think it cool that Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union have created a safe space for their children. However, this does make me a little uncomfortable that we constantly push adult ideals on to children, let a child be a child for as long as they can the world will grow you up in due time. Zion is 11 years old by almost literal definition a prepubescent child, his voice hasn’t changed, hormones haven’t kicked in yet, I don’t know as a child you have a sexuality much less a sexual identity. I know we are all different but when I remember being that age the last thing on my mind was sex…. so, I just don’t get it. “Pride” and “ coming out” is all about sexuality and the expression of that sexuality, so yeah, 11 way too young.

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