i bet that mirror has seen a lot of things (lamar)

in a recent picture,
he called himself “brown sugar oatmeal”.
i call him “mega thighs” in my head.

i was on twitter the other night and dropped my phone…

Lamar was shaking his very thick dick in ^that mirror

since i check out his stuff on ig,
i thought he was baited.
he also had videos of him:

  • jackin off and flexin’ his butt cheeks
  • getting head and cummin in a latino fox mouth
  • more jackin off

i was in every kind of “wtf???”.
when i hit him up,
he told me he had an “onlyfans”.
not only is he sexy af:

…he is also cool af too.
he sent me a video to share with the foxhole:

you can check out all of lamar’s content on:



let him know jamari fox sent you.

lowkey: most of the males,
most who i’ve fonted about,
i’ve hit up are really cool.

most know who i “is” already.
i’m fontin’ you foxhole:

Ima be in charge of casting male talent one day

watch it happen.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “i bet that mirror has seen a lot of things (lamar)”

  1. When did black men become so cookie cutter? It’s like Marvin Bienaime has this secret lookbook that they pull their style from. A lot of these dudes I see on here all look the same, they just have different print sizes.

  2. I have been following this easy on the eyes young man for over a year on the Gram. I follow a lot of fitness dudes now, and let me tell you they continue to surprise me everyday. Whew since Tumblr kicked the bucket, my new home for a little X-rated fun has been Twitter, honestly, Twitter is much better than Tumblr once you get used to the extra work it takes to find things and when you find things sometimes you hit the Jackpot. Well before he deleted it, I was fortunate enough to see Lamar’s Twitter page and I almost went into mild shock, I had no idea he dipped into the man pond, I mean in my old age, my Gaydar is almost non-existent now LoL. I sometimes forget that these muscle boys also play for the G-Team and I am not mad. I am glad to know that he is Kool.

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