don lemon makes it look easy

so don lemon got engaged over the weekend.
he posted this on his ig for his engagement:

i mean,
that’s just fuckin’ “kick you in the crotch” fantastic.

as much as folks will carry on about it being “interracial”:

How many of us were checking for Don?

it leaves us to wonder:

When will it be our turn?

doesn’t it suck major donkey balls when…

you meet someone you’re attracted to,
the vibes are right,
the conversation is great,
and without any kind of warning,
they just stop speaking to you.
it’s worst when you fuck and get no call back after.
you’re left feeling insecure,
wondering what it was that you did wrong for them to bouce.

get caught up in a sexual relationship,
hoping it goes somewhere,
only for it to be a “try again next time”.

that has sorta turned me off from dating these days.
i’m tired of meeting wolves,
doing the long texts convos,
everything seems like it’s all good,
and then they vanish with no reason in the world.
for anyone trying to connect with another,
that shit really hurts your feelings.
since i’ve gotten into a better place in my fight with depression,
i don’t want any potentially toxic behavior in my life.
so when i see others getting into relationships,
or getting engaged,
i applaud them for getting there.
even if they find it in someone white.
this dating shit blows.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

13 thoughts on “don lemon makes it look easy”

  1. ugh… it honestly looks like I’m going to have to get a vanilla wolf to find true love! I just can’t do the whole pink meat thing.

  2. Well let me post my Congrats to Don and Tim before the negative comments 😀. I like Don and Tim and their sons(fur) Boomer and Barkley. As a matter of fact Tim DM over a year or 2 ago, to thank me for posting supportive comments on Don’s IG and so I started following Tim.So I was happy when Don posted that Tim had proposed on Tim’s 35th birthday.
    Also Congrats to fashion designer Marc Jacobs and his new hubby Char.

  3. Unfortunately every relationship involves people wanting something from each other. I will never enter a romantic relationship with romance and sex being the only thing going. You can have good sex with many people. You can have a good conversation without ever seeing the other persons face. I want someone to see what all I have to offer THEN approach me on some intimate shit. That’s just how I work.

  4. I love everything about this. Don deserves to be happy. I read or heard that he had tried dating black men… but they all seemed to want to keep the relationship on the DL.

    On a side note, Don was gracious enough to take a really bad photo with me at the Tiki Hut at Twist in Miami. With his fine 53 yo behind.

    1. Probably because he was only attracted to and wanted DL men. I’ve heard stories about him liking the DL thug type.You can’t chase after DL trade and then get mad when they don’t want a serious relationship. I’m going to need Don and others like him to take responsibility for their own poor dating choices and stop acting like out gay black men don’t exist. White gays are out here shamelessly writing “No Blacks” on their profiles or have some black mandingo thug fetish, and yet some gay black men have convinced themselves that they generally make better partners. Someone needs to make that make sense

      1. So true. Any black gay man out there thinking that they can’t find another black gay man that will treat them right and marry them; has “drank the kool aid”! Oh, I almost forgot congrats Don and Tim.

  5. Dating interracial will never be my thing, especially with a white dude, I could never trust one to share my sacred intimate space with, so I will wait until the next life time if it is not to be in this one with a good Brotha, especially if I have to settle for a white dude, but that is just me, we all have to do what works for us in this life.

    Don is one of those dudes who I have gone back and forth with due to some of his rhetoric in the past, but he has impressed me lately and I have actually grown to really like and respect him as a journalist. I am not mad either that he found love, and I am not surprised it is with a white dude either, as I believe him to always date white dudes publically, although I heard he likes Thug dudes privately, but that was just a rumor I heard years ago.

    Congrats to him, wishing him a lifetime of happiness.

  6. Congrats to Don and Tim. I’m glad he’s found someone who’s compatible and their love seems to be mutual. I hope they have a lifetime of happiness and loving companionship together.

    (I should also note note that I have taken satisfaction from the fact that the pending nuptials are making some right-wing gays’ heads blow off, since they see Don as an arch racist, yet cannot understand why this white man is marrying him.)

    (PS: I hear people on the interracial relationship tip. I love black men, and by that I mean black men from US and all over the world, mixed-race black men, and so on. That’s what I’m attracted to. I would also say though that there are other men than white men out there. If you are not with a black men, the default does not have to be a white men, or a white American man. IJS.)

  7. There are good Black men, Jamari. I myself have had bad luck. Was talking to this guy and then my phone stopped working. He wanted to exchange numbers and hang out at a book store. WHO DOES THAT? Nobody. They want to meet up for sex at 4AM. Of course my phone stopped working right when I was going to send my #. Had to wait to get a new one and he had deleted his account. The one time I find something good…anyway, you have to be patient. I’m hoping to run into him around town.

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