hit me up today so i can teach you how to make real money

a few jobs ago,
i was being harassed by some of the mailroom wolves.
they were all doing this thing called,
“wish you were here”.
the idea was selling travel and going to go to these exotic locations.
during various photo shoots,
they’d put up this cocky ass sign:

“Wish You Were Here”

one of the cute ones came to my crib with hopes of trying to convince me.
instead of feeding me the pipe like i’d hope,
he came with a friend to feed me garbage of a “get rich quick” situation.
needless to say,
when i said i wasn’t interested,
he stopped speaking to me.
these days,
they are all still working regular jobs.

“The American Dream of Get Rich and Quick”

i watched an interesting documentary tonight on netflix.
it was called,
better on zero“…

it was about the alleged pyramid scheme called “herbalife“.
we all know that company all too well in the foxhole.
you couldn’t go to a attentionisto’s ig without seeing it in their status.
companies like this feed off of the poor.
poor folks see the muscular ig wolf,
bawdy like kapow,
living the “american dream”,
and want that life too.
the issue is,
they’re trying to pitch to other poor folks who want to be rich.
when you get recruited,
you have to sell it to others who aren’t make that much money either.
if you don’t make money,
your “supervisor” doesn’t make money either.
you get dropped and all this “investment” that you can’t get rid off it.

now that we don’t see herbalife being shoved down our throats,
all those muscular and sexy folks have gotten a new hustle.

“Sell Them Their Ultimate Fantasy While I Get Paid Too”

they’re realized they can make more money selling their bawdies:

…and honestly,
that’s a much more authentic hustle i can get with.
you have to put in work in order to make a living.
if you don’t provide good content/service,
you won’t be making a profit.
so that’s all YOU if you want to succeed.
that’s the real american dream.

4 thoughts on “hit me up today so i can teach you how to make real money

  1. I love this post, honestly, I support onlyfans I think its cool that the talent can put themselves out there on their own. I agree with all the comments so far in reality it can be very hit or miss with the onlyfan pages, but that’s because no body is really out here rating these pages and spreading the word as to what’s good and what’s not. One of the things I don’t like is the lack of any good search engine for the site I’m always looking for new black pages to support whether gay or straight, but they are hard to find. Right now, for example I think that Malakhi Lavene ( https://onlyfans.com/khilavene) has a really good page at a good price of $11.99 a month. Question for anyone out there are there any suggestion for other good pages to follow

  2. It’s rather trite, it just shows how sex starved most folks are. It’s basically paying for the same content you can find on Xtube, Pornhub or Xvideos for free but the latter are better. Most these “models” can barely keep up with the supply of the demand.

    You just get a page of half-assed, badly edited video, shaky camera angels and worst of all…no cum.

    Idk how sex starved folks are these days but they don’t call it a money shot for nothing & these tease vids are dumb and pointless. I wish I would pay to watch somebody wash they ass for 9 minutes. They supposed to be doing that anyway on the regular.

    As I’ve said, I’ve subbed to a few some time ago and I won’t start naming names but some of them are legit a rip off.

    I think Onlyfans is a major ripoff period. They don’t let you see the content you are purchasing. You may end up subbing to a page full of 30 seconds clips like [*********] page. They don’t allow refunds either and they ain’t based in the U.S.

  3. I think for those of us in the forests and the Foxhole it represents clean voyeurism (if that is a concept). In my forest, the “models” or “trainers” find this as an easy medium for showcasing their sexual escapades (Thank You!) but does provide a profit of marketed right.

    The only drawback is for them if they really tried to pursue legit and paid modeling (which I think for black males there really isn’t a platform other than these women fantasy shows and hair shows that shows their abs…Yaasss in my Tiffany Haddish voice 😊), they cannot transition or they go back to “training.”

    I know a well known hybrid attentionisto that is bouncing back and forth on the West Coast and sometimes ATL because his sponsor fox who is on the network of the same name isn’t feeling him or the hybrid attentionisto did not claim the fox. He bounces back between OnlyFans and Training.

    Even these young, southern wolves are doing the same thing as our exotic or old man/photographer sponsored foxes/hybrids. This I agree is the new hustle until it dies out.

  4. I have no problem with them selling themselves with accounts like Onlyfans….as long as its honest promo, why not make a buck off someone willing to pay for a fantasy. We pay to be wow’d by entertainment all the time…from movies to sports. Get them dollars attentionistos

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