is that the right uber you are getting in?

*samantha josephson.
she is the 21-year-old college student that got in the wrong car,
which she thought was her uber,
and ended up getting murdered.

very scary story.
that actually happened to me like a month or two back…

my uber said it arrived.
i didn’t check my app and just got in the first car outside the building.
dude is looking at me like:


and i’m looking at him like:


my uber called me and let me know i got in the wrong car.
he saw me as i got in.
i was totally off my game that day.
needless to say,
i make sure to cross check everything before i get in.

license plate
car model

a foxholer,
who drives uber,
sent in some tips to share with the foxhole about uber safety.
this is what he had to font:

1. Crosscheck the tags and make/model of car on the app w/ the actual car you’re about to get in. Don’t be so caught up on the color so much b/c sometimes the rideshare people get it wrong or they rely on whatever info populates in their system when they put in the car’s registration and it’s not always correct. Also, don’t get in a car if someone gives you some excuse as to why they’re not driving the car associated w/ the acct and that shows up on your app.

2. Crosscheck the driver’s pic on the app w/ the actual driver who’s car your’e about to get into. Don’t get in a car is someone gives you some excuse tom’bout, “Oh, I’m the brother/cousin/friend of the person who’s supposed to pick you up… “

3. When you open the door and or before you enter the car if the window is down, ask the driver who they’re here to pick up. Also ask him for his name and make sure e’rything matches up. NEVER ask questions like “Are you here for Jamari?” or “Are you my driver, Abdul?”… let the driver provide you w/ definitive and confirmatory information.

4. The safest place for a passenger to sit is directly in back of the driver… Personally, I HATE when people sit directly behind me and I prefer for them to sit horizontally in back of me on the passenger side… but as a passenger, I think you’d be more vulnerable to some kinda unexpected crazy attack from a driver from the passenger’s side (either front or back), but by sitting directly behind them, it puts the driver in a more awkward position to launch some kind’a attack.

5. Break the windows and scream and bring attention to yourself if someone tries to pull the child locks game.

solid advice.
another thing i learned is in the uber “pick up” screen,
you can send your friend/family member the driver and car info.
i feel a little safer in an uber pool because it’s multiple people in the car.
always remember:

These are stranger’s cars you’re getting into.

unlike cabs,
this is someone who decided to become a driver.
do they even do background checks?
be careful out there foxhole.

15 thoughts on “is that the right uber you are getting in?

  1. The accused also has a child a daughter! That’s why the child safety lock was on the door…

  2. Hmmm now her family wants to sue Uber… sounds about white.

    BTW please lock your doors, house and car, people are crazy everywhere.

      1. lets just say USC is the mecca for white valley girls who love black dick on the low.

  3. 5 months ago I parked on the side curb and some drunk chick getting away from her boyfriend just jumped into my car like i was car for hire. From now on I just lock my doors. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen ppl just jump into random cars like its causal thing.

      1. Yeah, after 10mins of arguing with the gal and her boyfriend telling her “he not Uber”, she finally leaves. I actually laugh after the whole ordeal. If only I had a hot dude jump inn?

  4. Jamari I could be wrong but my gut is telling me something fishy about this story. Seem like she knew the guy or something. The media just trying to paint her to be too perfect. I could be wrong tho. Just my thoughts.

    1. ^i mean the video,
      she just jumped in the car like it was real familiar.
      the family is blaming uber,
      but how you can blame uber when she jumped into the wrong car?

      1. I recommend Lyft. I got my sister a ride and from her phone she sent me her location of the driver…so I could get notifications of where she at. If I did take Uber/Lyft I have a picture up and they should have one as well, Id check the ratings and everything.

        You just never know these days.

          1. Might be cause we are in different locations. Lyft is cheaper down here and they be giving folks free weeks or 20 % off on all rides for a week or something.

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