he read the comments in the foxhole and wasn’t pleased…

as you know,
we font about a lot of males on the foxhole.
whenever i post someone,
they tend to go pretty viral.
as soon as that happens,
the gossip starts to flow within the foxhole.
some of the foxholers come with the whole story.
it’s hard not to believe it because they come with reciepts.
there are others i can tell are making shit up.
i had a wolf hit me today about his entry…

…and he wasn’t to pleased.
oh no,
he likes my font and supports me real heavy.
some of the foxhole accused him of being an escort,
amongst other things.
i told him we are used to good lookin’ males being escorts on ig.
he actually showed me that he has a job job.
a good one too.
he never escorted and actually works really hard for all that he has.

many of the males i’ve fonted about have actually contacted me over entries.
it’s either to show love or defend themselves.
they have every right.
it’s only fair.
i hit another one a few months ago and legit asked:

“no offense,
but do you fuck with other males?
the foxhole seems to think so…”


now you know i’m very honest.
i will ask you or anyone what’s the deal.

people will font and gossip about all of us.
that is a part of life.
“theshaderoom” exists because we all love a story.
when you’re popular in any area of life,
the stories will literally be created out of mid-air.
they’ll talk shit about you today and suck your entire dick tomorrow.
that male who hit me up is a perfect example.
some of the gays will shade him,
but i’m sure it’d be a different story if he was in their dms.

13 thoughts on “he read the comments in the foxhole and wasn’t pleased…

  1. Attentionistos operate on the fringes of society. Without social media, these men would be murderers, rapists, thieves, and pushers. Their appearance is the only thing that makes them appealing. These men have broken spirits and tortured souls. They’ve suffered trauma and abuse to the point of disrepair. Don’t get into relationships with them because they will physically/spiritually/emotionally inflict irrevocable harm. They self-medicate with sex, drugs, alcohol, and superficial things because they lack coping skills. Proverbial pit bulls. If it wasn’t for social media they’d be in prison (some are) or dead. This is why they sell themselves online and offline at those nude sip and paints, and scam on Only Fans and other forms of social media under the guise of modeling. Can anyone remember who the up and coming attentionistos were exactly one year ago? How about five years ago? Ten years ago? Fifteen years ago? It doesn’t matter because they don’t matter. Even if someone could, said attentionistos are irrelevant because they’ve left no legacy behind. No talent. No skills. Just a bunch of motherfucking vapid, empty, soulless pics and videos.

    They’re in for a rude awakening when they lose their looks because they lack the adequate social/intellectiual/emotional intelligence to thrive in society.

    I say all of that to say, they’re all escorts until proven otherwise.

  2. If it’s that dude that does the sip and paints, HES A LIAR. Dude is definitely an escort bc I was going to book him lol.

  3. I believe that could be Pierre because Jayhardbody is a stripper and Pierre may be the one with the real job. This is my first time posting, but I will say this. If it is a problem for people to follow these guys on Instagram, maybe they want to make their profiles private. At the same time, posting shirtless photos of your chiseled physique WILL attract Gay black males and Gay men in general, since they look at external qualities and not character and maturity.

  4. I’m confused, on the one hand I understand the professionalism that comes with being discrete, but at the same time if you’re not being disrespectful, I don’t see anything wrong with name dropping. We would like to know who you are talking about. Clearly the picture you posted was of jayehardbody if I’m not mistaken but you haven’t mentioned him in a long while, I doubt it was Lamar, the only other person I can suspect is pierre vuala and even with that , that was posted back on March 3 some people just need to let go and let God.

  5. Jamari,

    We’ve talked about this via email when you fonted about Marvin B. I said something like, “are these guys really going to be honest? I doubt they’d say, “yea man I had to suck dick and everything but don’t you like my pics? The shoot was dope.”

    These guys are wasting their time defending themselves. Why? Because, we the general public, will believe whatever we want to believe.

    Hell, a guy I had sex with in early 2018 swore up and down I was lying when I hit him back up for round two in Feb 2019. Now let that sink in.

    Bambi and Thumper are still lying about being escorts, too. Maybe they think because they’re “selective” that they aren’t really, really escorts. Who knows?

  6. I used to take lies about me online seriously. But unless it’s going to get me put in jail, I don’t care anymore. I rather people think I was broke and on drugs. Those around me, who want good for me, will know what I’m up to. Had my mother tell me someone from my past was asking about me. If you mattered, you’d know. I’m on that Queen Latifah. Let them run their mouths, while I run to the bank.

  7. As you said, people have the right to defend themselves, especially since people have brands and reputations to protect. I am glad this guy was at least respectful about it. I know in the past there were some who did not hesitate to jump in your inbox being reckless over a post.

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