gayle king got the goons

that is the smile of an older vixen who is protected.
gayle king should be as she is an extension of oprah.
you get her goons by default.
well susan rice,
former us ambassador,

national security advisor,
and super goon on the side,

came for snoop in gayle’s defense on twitter.

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JoJo Simmons Learned Yesterday

this shoulda been titled:

“i just wanted to do hoodrat shit with my friends”

everyone wants to talk shit online,
but when it comes time for punishment,
you find out it is more bark than bite.
isn’t it always like that?
jojo simmons:

jojo… son of rev run and run’s house fame,
made a diss track about juelz santana:

well one of juelz goons didn’t take it too kindly and well…

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Goons VS Gay Part 1?


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