gayle king got the goons

that is the smile of an older vixen who is protected.
gayle king should be as she is an extension of oprah.
you get her goons by default.
well susan rice,
former us ambassador,

national security advisor,
and super goon on the side,

came for snoop in gayle’s defense on twitter.

gayle got the goons in high places.
they will bottle up the cornavirus and send it to snoop’s door.
he did explain his side of the situation:


whether you agreed or not,
gayle got her dragging for the interview.
it’s time to move on.
the randoms out here harassing gayle need to quit too.
ya’ll ain’t got the type of artillery outside of socials to handle that war.

low-key: i’m going to have super goons like this one day.
i’d love a “the mountain” behind me.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

15 thoughts on “gayle king got the goons”

  1. Got goons? 😂😂😂 Allow me to state that ZERO people in this country are untouchable. The streets can’t reach you they’ll reach those close. The streets DO NOT abide by legal standards. Anything happened to Snoop behind something of this magnitude this country would find out promptly how accurate my expression is

  2. She doesn’t need protection. She and her friend need to stop bashing black men who’ve benefited from the casting couch.
    That is until they decide to do the same for white people.

  3. SUZAN RICE….puhlease…..GTFOH with your political ass ain’t nobody listening to your lying ass. what army/ an army of WHAT? damn cockroaches!!!

    Gayle’s WRONG carrying out her paymaster’s deeds and neither YOU nor any COON can stop what most black people are saying….LET KOBY REST IN FUCKING PEACE.

    The day when Gayle draws Charley Rose across the coal, then I will recant my words. The day Gayle King Interviews a close ‘friend’ of Matt Lauer and ask the same ‘probing’ questions then I will recant. The day Gayle sits down with Julie Chen and ask her about her molesting , punk ass husband then I will recant but Until then You and Gayle can kiss my F**king ASS, you COONS!!!

    koby’s gone. Let him sleep. Bringing up those salacious , headline grabbing bullshit that amounted to NOTHING is nothing but bringing down a black man and meanwhile these WHITE MF are out in their country clubs enjoying the ‘cover’ of CBS..GTFOH

  4. These women have power and years of experience and MONEY. What do the naysayers have? A social media account and a dry opinion.

    While they coming for Gayle, they need to be worried about themselves. Kobe is dead and gone… He was laid to rest the minute he died.

    Folks need to let him go…

    Tomorrow ain’t promised for no one, so while they all sitting up here aruging about someone that has already died they fail to realize they could very well be next…at any moment.

    Might not wake up tomorrow.

    People just go the extra mile when a person of status dies that it begins to reek of idolization. Like he was Jesus or something.

    We have literally just had a few soldiers killed overseas and it barely has gotten any press… Are any of these hoteps in their feelings?

    The majority of these folks obsessing over Kobe’s death, if they died in the same manner, there would hardly be any press… Just another dead person. Forgotten after a few days.

    The fact that so many folks around the world are so shocked by this is dense…. because it’s like saying that just because he was well-liked, he is somehow immune to death when people all over the world die in horrible ways all the time, including children.

    Folks just don’t seem to care unless the person was popular.

    2020 has just started and all kinds of shyt has hit the fan from wars to a growing epidemic that is spreading to the U.S. which could potentially cause more death.

    And grown men are arguing with a woman over social media about something she gets paid to do.

    Like F*ck what she says…. It’s really not important. There’s more serious stuff to worry about.

  5. Fuck both them hoes Gayle no she was wrong very tacky bra hasn’t been laid to rest were is her respect for his late wife and children so over coons

  6. And they’re going in on Susan Rice in the Twitter comments.
    Where is this army that she speaks of?

  7. She definitely going to need protection and that interview definitely confirms her messy ways and her duo Oprah. They are on my list for house niggas and bed warmers.

  8. All of these cosigners got something to say and I ain’t got shit to do with the situation, if Vanessa ain’t said nothing then they should just be respectful. The man ain’t even in the ground yet. Nope still got the gang mentality he better keep his damn mouth shut before he loses everything

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