that “clicking” sound means it’s getting comfortable

ya know,
as of late,
i’ve getting getting much more comfortable in my own fur.
it could be all this time i’ve been having to process my emotions.
this downtime i’ve been experiencing has been really good for me.
i use to hate the sound of my own voice

…but now,
that same voice folks love to hear the sound of.
it’s funny how life works.
the things you hate about yourself are actually your greatest gifts.
when i speak; my tribe listens.

The foxhole is my tribe

i use to be scared of letting folks know about the foxhole.
this is my baby and i was really protective of it.
being from an island,
the fear of folks finding out i was all the names they called me was terrifying.
i was living in a “what would people think of me?” type of forest.
it’s never comfortable there.
you don’t ever come off natural.
it’s like being a robot.
you do what the others do in hopes of being accepted.
everything is based on how you will be perceived and that’s no way to live.

i’m still a very private fox,
and i love my alone time to recharge,
but i’m not scared to “be” anymore.
i’ll gladly share the foxhole with folks i meet if i feel the need to do so.
i can’t expect to hide my gifts and talents forever.
if folks like it,
then it’s all good.
if they don’t,
that’s good too.
i’m getting rid of everything that has held me back.
the time is now.

low-key: foxhole,
don’t ever rush.
it will “click” for you.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

2 thoughts on “that “clicking” sound means it’s getting comfortable”

  1. As you get older, you have to understand that being your authentic self is more important than anything else. You have to be happy with yourself before you can be happy for others. Growth.

  2. i use to be scared of letting folks know about the foxhole.

    I completely understand. Whenever I do a creative endeavor outside of my main job, I get cold feet and scrap it. I don’t like being vulnerable and have to work on that. Most of it is my fear because I know my strengths and that I would do well.

    It’s said you don’t know yourself until your late 30s, so you have plenty of time to get comfortable with who Jamari is.

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