the stripper fell, but she won’t be down for long

being a stripper ain’t an easy job.
it’s a legit profession that has to be fined tuned.
you don’t perform well; you ain’t getting paid.
well there was a video that went viral that had everyone in shock.
it was about a stripper named genea falling off a pole and well…

after i saw that,
i said a prayer that she was okay.
the shock and adrenaline probably didn’t allow her to feel any pain.
what i liked is even still,
sis got back up and kept on dancing.


…even if you need a neck brace.
well she addressed it on her twitter:

she suffered:

a broken jaw
missing teeth
sprained ankle

she needed surgery so she set up a gofundme:

it looks like she met her goal with some extra funds to spare.
im happy folks came through for her.
that was absolutely horrific to witness.
i hope she recovers quickly.


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

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