Goons VS Gay Part 1?


When he “wrapped” his hair….

Author: jamari fox

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12 thoughts on “Goons VS Gay Part 1?”

  1. This is probably 50cent and Floyd when they are out the spotlight, they give me that vibe, so does Chad and T.O.

  2. I’m sorry I thought that this was the funniest thing in I’ve seen besides Matthew’s ADTV what parents say to gay kids.. It was madd true sorta, like when they did the first flip it reminded me of some of my extra friends. ROTFL, the thing is it was so on point i couldnt do anything else but smile.

    Good post Jay

  3. This shit was funny, but I don’t want no flip floppin nigga. Either your masc. or not, don’t front about it.

    1. ^ are those dudes gay 4real?

      See those are the type of mofos you meet online and they look masc.
      Talk to em on the phone and they sound masc.
      Meet up with them in person,
      And they feminine as shit.

      It has happened to me and I am now bitter.

      1. Yea they’re gay 4 real, jus look at the rest of the videos. All I had to do is look at two and I kinda figured it out. LOL. Yea dudes like that scare me, they look masc and more fem. then females, I hate that, jus be yourself.

  4. This shit right here is why I don’t buy the initial visage dudes try to project. I’m always on the lookout for inconsistencies in behavior and soon as I see one your cover is blown.

    This is how some dudes really are, they project an image completely opposite of themselves to bag dudes they want as if they’ll be able to keep that false image up. Lol

    The shit pisses me off! lmao

  5. Isn’t it crazy how easy it is to turn the trade on and off? Don’t let it fool you lol But their goon was a lot more true to life than their gay but i think exaggerating it was the point. That was a cute chant at the end though, cant even lie lol

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