Flip It Over

I have been thinking about something.

I have been hearing complaints from so many Foxes about the slim pickings in our lifestyle. I can’t even front because I have complained myself.

(The blog under this is definitely a COMPLAINT!)

When you are a Fox looking for a Daddy ala Devin Thomas-ish type – it can be like looking for Waldo in a bedroom sized poster. You know he is there but you just can’t find him…. Yet.

After a blog I wrote, I noticed a couple Foxes left me comments that traveled with me for a few days.

“Straight women should never complain because they have a huge selection to choose from.”

That maybe true BUT there is two sides to this coin. Trust me.

Side I.

We, as Foxes, want a good Wolf to be the exception and not the rule. We want a Wolf that is everything we dream of: preferably to look like a “straight” guy. Now before some of you need a crash helmet, let me explain. We want a guy that looks and acts like a guy. If I wanted pussy, this blog wouldn’t exist.

I have met, what seems to be bottom of the barrel in gay men. The worst of the worst. I have met niggas who are extremely unfashionable or extremely feminine. They don’t have a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out of.

I met dudes who I would never call back if you paid me in penis. BUT, I have a lot met dudes that were so fine and exactly WHAT I was looking for. Due to my insecurity of not feeling good enough and not comfortable in my own skin, I am sure I was the one they would never call back.

It is funny because I always hear women say, “Damn all the cute/fine ones are gay.” They talk about the DL thugs or the DL husbands/boyfriends who they caught fucking some nigga in the back of a Monte Carlo.

Then there is:

Side II.

I know a lot of female Foxes. It comes with the territory when you are good looking with some kind of charm and charisma. I see a lot of my pretty females complaining they cannot find a good man. Even though they have a larger selection, doesn’t mean that they are happy with the pickings they get. Most of these cute fine dudes that are straight that we would date are mega hoes. The amount of talk I hear about certain dudes I think are Wolf material is such a damn turn off. Women also go beyond looks, whereas in our lifestyle, we are all about looks. That can be our greatest asset and worst enemy.

Real talk: Just because Devin Thomas is my ideal of Daddy, don’t make him a good person. I only see the fantasy of him inside me. He could be the biggest asshole on the East Coast with the dick the size of a Vienna cushion and the personality of a aardvark.

So Foxes, I wanted to let you know there are 2 sides to every story. Don’t always think the worst. There is much worst. Never compare yourself because you will be winning a losing battle. I stopped that recently. We are ALL looking for someone to love us. It may come soon or take a little longer but the love we have for ourselves should be top prior.

Plus, the grass is not always greener on the other side and a lot of times, that shit could be astro turf.


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2 thoughts on “Flip It Over

  1. Sigh so very true. At the end of the day we all want someone to love us. It’s like Jill said “Wanna be loved”. It’s what we all hope, wish and pray for one day regardless if we admit it or not. The pickings on either side are looking slim. smdh.

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