Work Wolf Got Shitted On

today i was tired as hell.
i could not wait to leave the office.
so as i’m leaving,
i saw work wolf getting into the same elevator as me.


i think i added a “fuck” there as well.
so i’m on this car and he is all in my grillz.
i was trying to avoid eye contact.
he hasn’t hit me up in texts since last week.
when i got out,
he called my name…
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A Old Bird Gets Stuffed

aedc25c40e7011e2968922000a1cdbb3_7now before you gasp at the title of this entry…
i like evelyn lozada and her bird-ish ways.
she makes for good tv and i was wondering what she was gonna do next?
bbw is dead and stinkin’,
she doesn’t really possess any talent,
and i can’t see her doing challenges on survivor or that donald trump show.
so when the going gets tough,
the tough go and get a baby bump
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Kid Cudi Has A Bird’s Beak In His Ass… No Seriously.

tumblr_mq8xya3m2K1ra4cspo1_500i’m not even kiddin’ you.
kid cudi has a bird all up in his ass…
kid cudi’s look alike has a bird up his ass….

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Hate is such a strong word.

She is a classless fame thirsty single mother biggest bird ever who gets hard dick from all the rappers.
She is the new obsession.
She is like a train wreck that we cannot stop watching….

….. and I think I maybe tuning in.

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