Kid Cudi Has A Bird’s Beak In His Ass… No Seriously.

tumblr_mq8xya3m2K1ra4cspo1_500i’m not even kiddin’ you.
kid cudi has a bird all up in his ass…
kid cudi’s look alike has a bird up his ass….

tumblr_mgvc8db9V21s2t6hoo1_500chris_evans_hand_over_mouthco-star for new video?

thanks to frostyandfoxy for crackin’ this one.
i love kid cudi tho!
i would not even be surprised if he did something like that.

lowkey: i love his mix tapes,
but i love this track off his album:

perfect “get high” song.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

10 thoughts on “Kid Cudi Has A Bird’s Beak In His Ass… No Seriously.”

    1. Yea it is, I’m trying to see the rest of it tho. I hope it’s nothing ratchet. Kid Cudi is bad as shit, I would let him get it. I know he can arch that back better than that lol. If you gone do it, do it right.

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