Work Wolf Got Shitted On

today i was tired as hell.
i could not wait to leave the office.
so as i’m leaving,
i saw work wolf getting into the same elevator as me.


i think i added a “fuck” there as well.
so i’m on this car and he is all in my grillz.
i was trying to avoid eye contact.
he hasn’t hit me up in texts since last week.
when i got out,
he called my name…

i turned around and said a dry “wassup”.
i tried to play “nice fox”.
didn’t work.
tumblr_mb762midiN1qmfh3wso he started telling me how sorry he was.
he been thinking about me a lot and knows he hurt me bad.
i didn’t disagree.
i even told him he was a big asshole.
he also didn’t disagree.

when we got outside,
we stood there talking for a minute or two.
i was telling him how i’m not comfortable with him.
i don’t know how a friendship can even mend after this.
all of a sudden,
i saw him run a few feet away and turn around with his hands up.

“whats the hell is wrong with you?”

i thought he was going crazy.
did i need to run?

“jamari whats in my hair?????”

when i looked,
i saw this brown white gooey stuff.
a bird done shitted on his head.
 it was a lot of bird shit too.
it missed me,
thank god,
but he wasn’t so lucky.
he ran back in the building to go clean it off.
i left and went home.

i guess the universe owed me a favor.

32 thoughts on “Work Wolf Got Shitted On

  1. Giggles. Been there. But in Caribbean culture they say that means money is coming his way. Or at the least good fortune. But yuck. I been there. It’s like cleaning off grainy deli mustard.

  2. Funny story. Karma is a bitch. And you handled yourself well. Keep communication short and,sweet. In a month or two you will look back and think, “What was I thinking?”

  3. See J. You don’t have to stress. The universe has your back. You should him “see what happens when you do me wrong” then point 2 fingers at him and say “Until you do right by me, everything you even think about is going to fail”

    I do think at some point you should hear him out so can forgive and,move on. Forgiveness isn’t for him but rather for you. When the presence of someone gives you anything but positive feelings they still have power over you. Not saying forgive him and jump his bones (although make up sex has many benefits )

  4. Lmao. Good or bad, LIVE for your stories. They almost seem fictional, but I know they aren’t. This was hilarious, btw. I hope it gets back right though, but I think it just needs to some time,

  5. Nice he’s getting shited on ad he’s trying to make amends 😄😄😄 now let a bad bitch turn him down and the universe is def listening.

      1. J I know he hurt you I’ve been there too. When people you care about are the ones hurting you to most it’s a very deep wound. As with any wound it takes time to heal, but you have to treat the wound also for it to heal properly. Bandaids on deep wounds may not do the trick some require stitches others may require surgery. The goal is to close the wound so it mends back together again. Just be aware that it may leave a scar.

        1. ^ill def be praying and thanking god tonight.
          if the universe wanted me to know it exists,
          then that was how it did it.

          i lowkey also want to hope star fox or my parents were involved.
          i was really hurt by his actions Paul.

  6. I wouldn’t even had a convo, sometimes you can’t even give a person your time or grace them with your presence. But that bird shit was Karma Gold LMAO!!!

  7. Yes karma come through ☺️…Work wolf want that old thing back but it won’t be simple. He gotta give up the D 😭

    1. ^@The Man…That’s happened to me too, but not on my head!! I’ve got tagged on both my arm and my shoulder. Nasty feeling! I almost threw up. LOL

      1. …You still love him though..that’s OBVIOUS…..just be honest about that…things can heal, but only through time and contrition…he betrayed you in a big way, and he needs to atone for this…

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