Let This Bird Teach You How To Do It

big_bird_sst_sign_sizednow i’m nosy.
i’ll admit it.
don’t act like you aren’t either…
i was on the train friday going to work.
look if someone pulls out their phone next to me,
i may just glance at the screen.
like big dude last week who was browsing through his photo album.
saw his abundance of cooch and his small ass dick pics.
thanks for the peep show.
i threw up in my mouth.
anyway so this snow bunny came on and she pulled out her phone.
she started going through her apps and she opened a green one.
i couldn’t see it too clear,
but she started taking this test.
i thought it was for her work or something.
i was curious what she was doing.
okay nosy.
shut up.
IMG_0468so last night,
i was browsing through the app store on random.
i came across a “free apps” thing.
i’m always down to try out an app to see if it will improve my life.
well this app stood out to me:

duolingo-bannerlike something inside said to check it out.
when i did,
ain’t it funny,
it was the same app the snow bunny was playing with on the train.
the app is called duolingo and it teaches you how to speak other languages.
i’ve been saying i want to learn how to speak spanish for a minute now.
so i thought id pass it on.
see what my nosiness does?
helps us learn new languages and shit.
we gon’ be so smartz and stuffs.

x visit the website for duolingo

x get it for your iphone

x get it for your android

10 thoughts on “Let This Bird Teach You How To Do It

  1. I know I’m hell late and haven’t been to the site in a while but this app is AMAZING!

  2. I have it on my phone trying to learn Spanish as well, also a little French & Portuguese. I love it. It’s fun and so much better than any Spanish class I’ve taken in the past.

  3. I started using the app as something to do while I was looking for work because I always wanted to learn a new language. Now I use it everyday on my way to work. Nice way to stimulate your brain during the commute. I only hate that the doesn’t really teach syntax and phonetic.

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