f0xmail: The Baller Wolf Whose Closet Door Is Now Bolted Shut


I am sure by now you have heard Droopy denied being gay. However, since February this year Droopy’s PR team is working overtime. First, in a major magazine publication, his PR people worked with them to publish a bogus story linking him to The Country Canary. However, the problem is The Canary is a power beard and she has worked with other closeted gay stars like JG and HS. Gay stars know one way to straighten their image is to hire her. Also, Droopy went on ESPN radio last month and said that K was just a “seat filler” at award shows. Meanwhile, K went to twitter and he retweeted a tweet from February saying Droopy is ungrateful since he “helped” him. It seems these two still have a torch for each other. Droopy is just angry he got dumped by K. Also notice the mainstream sports media swept the story under the rug. Yes Droopy got dumped because K wanted an authentic relationship and be out and proud. Droopy and his PR team pathetic attempts to make him appear straight just show how he is a closet case.


i had to do a lil jig with this one.
this is all alleged and names changed to protect everyone!
okay now that i had to crack open a glass of pink moscato (god ive missed you),
let me give a foxy opinion.

when dealing with a baller wolf,
one who happens to be on the d/l,
you should already know what you are getting into.
yes you both can end up getting serious behind the scenes.
going to his photoshoots,
attending events,
and just being his “go to” for whatever he needs done.
you become his support system and his rock.
other people who work in the industry can already tell.
others may not.
in the main arena,
the one with gossip message boards and reporters,
he may choose to keep his private life just that.

at the end of the day,
should already know what you’re about to get into.
YOU are out and proud.
if YOU know this,
then YOU need to find someone who will be out as well.
if you know that you will have that itch in ya booty in the future,
to be all rainbows and sprinkles on cupcakes,
then a d/l baller wolf WILL NOT be your best dating option.
well nah that’s not true.
michael sam and jason collins are single and i’m sure looking for a date to the espys.

if you loved him,
like legit had feelings for this dude,
you wouldn’t out him once you left him.
what happened to loyalty?
the best revenge is to move on,
work on yourself,
and get someone better.
always been my motto.
if he is such a closet case as is being said,
the fact you were able to walk away and leave him to his demons makes you have the power.
pointing out his ways will only have 10 more fingers pointing back at you.
got a mofo off key singing ashanti:

so other than that,
thanks for the email f-bi.
no disrespect to the parties involved.
i hope everyone in this little scandal can calm down,
work out differences,
and keep this from getting any more messy.
remember you are both adults who shared something special once upon a time.
act like it.

anyone else got any good baller wolf scoop,
you know what to do and how to get me.


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

5 thoughts on “f0xmail: The Baller Wolf Whose Closet Door Is Now Bolted Shut”

  1. It’s like you said Jamari, they knew what they were getting into from the start. I’m thinking that his belief was/is that he would be the one to get the DL wolf to out himself. when it didn’t happen, the bitter bitch reared her ugly head and he wants to mess up the man’s life. That’s what’s wrong with so many gays guys today…if they don’t get their way, they act just as bad, if not WORSE than females.
    People with a mindset like that need to keep in mind that KARMA IS A MOFO! You reap what you sow.
    So in keeping with your advice, this kat needs to move on and find someone with a like mind and who is out like he is. He, and any other gay man for that matter, will never get a DL man to change. If the DL guy he was dating/messing with sees that he has someone better, he may get a little jealous…but he won’t come out. Seeing that individual hatin’ on your happiness is comfort in itself! LOL

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