I’m Still Game for The Game (I Think I Mean, I Guess)

kellypittswhereok where the hell is kelly pitts?
oh next episode.
well thank god.
shit you coulda warned me.
oh i’m on…

so as you know,
“the game” is back on bet for a fresh new season.
love scenes and all.
bet is the new hbo.
so tasha is pregnant (in the most ghetto-ish way),
keira acting like a confused hoodrat,
malik’s arm is about to fall off,
and blue is lookin like a chocolate milk dud.

other than the return of kelly pitts,
i’m semi here for it.
i guess i’ll stick around.

x watch the premiere

x watch this week’s episode

lowkey: so ciara’s role was absolutely pointless?
an awesome joke about her career literally just came to me.

Author: jamari fox

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5 thoughts on “I’m Still Game for The Game (I Think I Mean, I Guess)”

  1. I gave up on The Game midway through it’s first season on BET… I think.

    I remember watching it when it first premiered on BET but it was just too much boring unnecessary drama.It was just a dramedy/sitcom and then became a full blown soap opera.

  2. The overall ratings didn’t do well last week. They barely wheeled in 2 mil. Bring back Tia and Pooch man. They played their parts well.

  3. So nobody’s gonna talk about Malik’s HUGE dick print when he was laying on the couch in the first few minutes of the season premiere? That worth tuning in for lol

  4. I liked it when it was funny rather than some soap opera.

    I don’t buy Blue being a football player, not Lauren London being a rapper.

    Brandy obviously saved the show and I haven’t even watched a full episode in years.

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