It’s Official: Daisy Duck, aka Kim Zolciak, Returns To “Rhoa” (But)

i have always thought ^this creature was mentally ill.
kim zolciak,
of “rhoa” fame,
actions have always struck me as someone who is…
well it seems like kim is back for a season 10 on “rhoa”,
but it’s coming with some stipulations.
this is what tmz had to say…
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Markeith Rivers Makes His Return From In His Lair

so it was true.
markeith rivers was shot an robbed by a dl wolf.
God loves children and fools so he survived.
one of the f-bi alerted me with an update today.
this is what markeith posted on his facebook
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K Michelle Returns To Her Roots

Screen Shot 2015-12-28 at 11.54.00 PMwell i knew it was going to happen eventually.
i actually had a bet with myself.
i said:

“k michelle will return back to lhhatl a year after she left.”

no offense to her,
but she needs that show.
her own show was kinda “yawn”.
she needs something where she can throw epic one liners at hoes.
well i was wrong about the year,
but she is actually going back to help that struggling reality show.
this is what she said at a recent concert
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Scandal Makes Me So Horny

scandal-season-4i’m so glad scandal is back.
this show turns me on heavy.
figuring things out,
solving them,
and helping people…
i’m about that.
what it would be like to be olivia pope.
well i get to live vicariously in the foxhole.
the emails i get after i write an entry>>>>>
we always get to the bottom of everything in these neck of the woods.
thats even better.

I’m “Back”

tumblr_nagc7nLbvG1qey5buo1_500“hi foxhole”
i needed that mental break.
i woke up today feeling so refreshed.
i pretty much slept the majority of the time,
listened to sam smith,
took this amazing bath last night,
and accepted i was depressed.
no need to fight it.
i had no thought process to write anything.
i was fuckin depressed and that is okay.
you need to admit you are struggling so you can figure out how to fix it.
i needed to just get away for a minute and mentally detox.
so i’m back and ready to connect again with my people.
i’m back now and i want to play with you…
after church tho.
i’ll be ( x live tweeting my notes ) at 1045-ish.