K Michelle Returns To Her Roots

Screen Shot 2015-12-28 at 11.54.00 PMwell i knew it was going to happen eventually.
i actually had a bet with myself.
i said:

“k michelle will return back to lhhatl a year after she left.”

no offense to her,
but she needs that show.
her own show was kinda “yawn”.
she needs something where she can throw epic one liners at hoes.
well i was wrong about the year,
but she is actually going back to help that struggling reality show.
this is what she said at a recent concert

too bad i’m sooooooooo over reality shows now.
i legit would have tuned in.
i tried to hang on to #rhoa,
but the shit started to bore me after that miami debacle.
i’m glad k is making her comeback on there again tho.
i’ll allow it.
she might just stay on there…


lowkey: next up to return as “the prodigal daughter”…
erica mena.
on the horizon probably thinking about her return…

video taken: the shade room

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on “K Michelle Returns To Her Roots”

  1. Mona probably had it in her contract from day one if love and hip hop Atlanta got stale she would have to come back. Lol

    1. This.
      You think Mona didn’t have that fall back clause just in case? She had her on LHHNY too when they got stale too.
      She’s already getting a second season of her solo show that starts in January.
      No ones really getting paid in the music industry anymore.
      Mona is probably paying her VERY well.

      1. What ever happened to “Being: K.Michelle” on Centric? FYI, Viacom owns CBS, BET, Centric, MTV, VH1, and a few others channels. During the BET Awards, they ran a ton of commercials about it but I heard like nothing else about it. Was it a documentary, a reality tv show, what?

  2. LMAO she tried to run like she was too good for the show. Ratchetness is the foundation of Kray Michelle. She is built off that. She will never leave. And yes her reality show is so boring, I watched like one episode in the first season and cut it off 9 minutes after it premièred. It was that dry. Her and Joseline are gonna stop being friends at some point, just wait and see. I feel like people are pressured to fight each other on reality shows, especially the “fire crackers” of the show.

    Soon Nene will return to RHOA if it isn’t cancelled by then. These reality birds need to realize that nobody takes them seriously outside of VH1/Bravo. Even the producers don’t take them seriously when the got them fighting in resturants like chickenheads. Tragic.

  3. I honestly don’t have anything to say cause I don’t pay attention to reality show anymore. Not even the RHOA, however, I will say it was a stupid choice for Kim Field to join the cast because she making herself look like a goddamn fool on the show.

  4. Plus, hate it or not. K. Michelle is the only artist from LHH to actually produce relevant albums, tours, etc

    She’s a drama queen to the tenth power but there’s talent somewhere in there.

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