Two New Music Videos; Two Massive Eye Rolls

the sweet smell of winter heading into spring.
you know what that means?
everyone is coming out with their “summer” music now.
trey songz and jlo have put their hats in the ring.
trey with “na na” and lo with “i luh ya papi”

first up trey songz…

Kathryn-Merteuil-Cruel-Intentions-movies-23291565-500-249just how i like my trey songz.
almost naked.

as far as the video,
was he in an underground fitness program in the bodega freezer?
i’m sure the herbanut personal trainers loved this.
so in order to get some pussy from one racially ambiguous hoe,
about 7 had put him through sexual boot-camp?
now wtf is he talkin’ about in this song?
it sounded like he was talkin’ about a skrippa.
i mean,
as usual.
i know r kelly is his musical doppelganger,
but ima seriously need him to listen to r’s first couple albums.
i like trey and all,
and he helped me get some pipe off that anticipation mix tape,
but he hasn’t grown as an artist.
very one trick pony.
id still ride tho.
now to la lopez…

was that a spoof of her life?
the beat sounded good,
it had a nice little flow to it,
i was feelin it kinda heavy…
and then that retarded ass verse popped out of nowhere.
lowkey catchy as hell tho.
i see what trap she is about to set.
now the meat (including hers) in the video kept my interest,
but wtf was she doing????
the nae nae tho???

unlike trey,
jlo went in reverse.
the yankee fitted sprinkled in goya is out so you know she is about to get real bx-ish on us.
i really need j lo to hire some better writers and producers tho.
hell she needs to learn how to reinvent herself like madonna.
if she really wanted to impress us,
she could have dyed her hair black and went “dance diva” on us.
this whole “thing” is circa 2004.
she looks the same.
bad enough that irrelevant intro,
she looked like those two chick’s confused aunt.
her body
does look good tho and you know she kills the threads.
the swagg
she has is bananas.

jennifer-lopez-i-luh-ya-papi-cover-artmaybe she went to the same underground fitness bodega trey was in?

purchase: x na na and x i luh ya papi

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

13 thoughts on “Two New Music Videos; Two Massive Eye Rolls”

  1. I love the concept of JLo’s video. the song is trash though.
    The jumpsuit that was a reinvented version of her Versace dress from Grammys 2000 >

    I’m at a standstill with Trey Songz’s video. The point of that was??
    Hot casting though! Video girls that are actually in shape (even though I think the twins are wrestlers?).

    1. ^that damn jlo song is stuck in my head f&f.
      i did like the jumpsuit.
      the walk to the bathroom in the beginning>>>
      she knows she is the shit.

      as for trey.
      same ol same ol.
      he just showed us he got stamina for a dick work out.
      rosa acosta is the “girlfriend”.
      i’m lowkey tired of the spanish girls as the main video hoe.
      lets see some sistas!

      1. I know! I sing “I luh ya papi, i luh ya luh ya luh ya papi” at the most random moments. Fuck.
        I really want JLo to win.
        Her last albums though have been way too bubblegum though. Blah.

        Right? Is the world not sick of seeing one type of chick in EVERY video yet?

  2. Sorry Jamari but I feel like the age of great music videos is almost over or officially dead…Trey kinda bored me and Jennifer tried giving flashback tease in a bad way (the grammy dress print, love dont cost a thing, jenny from the block) where’s the Waiting for tonight Jennifer? Or possibly the Play Jennifer? At least those were good flashbacks …so to be so negative but that’s just how I feel. .

    1. I agree accept I think the age of great music videos been dead.No one’s trying to be different or unique.Plus, videos are too shallow and not about the music anymore.There’s one archetype that all videos follow.

      1. @Zen…there is so much truth in your comment. There is no originality or uniqueness anymore. I used to look forward to Missy Elliott videos because you knew she was gonna give you something different, yet unique to her style. She changed the game when it came to videos. Everyone else doesn’t even come close. There are way too many artists who jump on the bandwagon and try to copy other styles…and it’s sad. We see way too much, been there, done that in videos now. I don’t watch music videos as much as I used to, mainly because music isn’t interesting to me any longer, but if I see one more “in-the-club video” I’ll lose my mind.
        As for the two videos here, not impressed with either song OR either video. LOL

  3. I personally not a fan of JLo anymore to be honest. She is a user to be honest like she was all Nuyorican and proud to be from the Bronx which made the Puerto Ricans fall in love with her, then she start changing into this hoochie mama with every man she sees and then she went all black to gain black fans to support her and now she all gringa-like except when her popularity starts to fall she use her Puerto Rican card when she need something.

  4. Yea, I’m staring to lose interest in Trey’s music. He hasn’t grown at all, which is sad. His team is trying to turn him into a thug, and it’s not working. You’re not bad enough Trey. R is my nigga tho. R Kelly is a straight up gangsta, and it showed in his music. He was real, and I liked that about him. He nasty af tho. He knew better.

  5. Its tough out here in these streets when you got two artist who are way too old to be pulling these antics just to stay somewhat relevant in the industry. I can flush both of these videos, and that damn Dwite Howard video, just pure foolishness and fuckery.

  6. no body does the NeNe like TLC sorry La Lopez u lose with this and the previous single your singing DAYS ARE LA OVER

  7. Treys video was awesome. He showed beautiful women with firm, fit, and toned bodies which tells girls its okay to be in the gym and its even sexier when a couple works out together. I think his video was more of a psa than a compliment for the song

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