Has Colin’s Pipe Laying Tour Ended With A Little Kaepernick?

largeeveryone and their mama wants that kaepernick seed.
i know if i had a uterus,
i would consider it.
well terez owens has some street talk that he may about to be a baby daddy…

While we know Colin Kaepernick enjoys his offseason, we just received this tip about him being a father? ”My friend works for the county clerk office here in Atlanta and told me that on Friday a young lady came in to file paternity papers on Colin Kaepernick, who got her pregnant while in Atlanta off season 2013.  She says that it is true he is seeing Teyana Taylor and heard they have an open relationship, so he continues to see other women.  The girl stated that she has tried to reach out to Colin on several occasions and he ignores her. A hint, she works for a local strip club.” They say something about smoke and fire? Lets just see how this plays out. Maybe this is why Kaep is asking for 20 million a year.-TO

i don’t even remember who she is!
you know my peen goes on nation wide tours sponsored by instagram!”
well i knew this potential scandal would be coming in the near future.
i hear colin does like alleged ratchet vagina from instagram.
some bobblehead hoe was gonna do her best to trap that ass.
i’m surprised its not teyana taylor.
wolves need to learn to put some hot sauce in the condom after.
…well is there even a condom to begin with?

article found: terez owens

11 thoughts on “Has Colin’s Pipe Laying Tour Ended With A Little Kaepernick?

  1. Sorry I got some type o’ s I think that most people fail to understand that sex at the beginning and the ending of the day is about reproducing plan and simple lol.Humans are the only species on this planet we are the only ones to have sex recreationally.

  2. Should’ve seen it coming.It’s always the ones I least suspect though.Blake Griffin didn’t seem like the type that would get caught up in baby mama drama mess either.I guess when you have hella pussy coming from many different avenues, you’re bound to slip up at some point.Unless you’re celibate, which i doubt would last long when you’re an athlete.

    1. I call it the “Let It Flow syndrome” It may not be politically correct to say this but what I think that must people fail to understand that sex at the beginning and the ending of the day is about reproducing plan and simple lol.Humans is the only species on this planet we are the only ones to have sex recreationally. That is why when we reached puberty and nature turns on the reproductive switch we went buck wild trying to sand blast someone’s inner walls with our sperm lol well at least I did lol. We men are biologically program to plain them seeds and we are biologically compelled to let our semen flow without interruption of artificial barriers in order to reproduce.It is just biology and not common sense. I mean come on doesn’t it feel at times that cuming into a condom feels a little unnatural? Don’t you just want to shoot out into the wild blue yonder lol and paint them walls all day everyday? Now, I am not advocating not using condoms just explaining from a male perspective what may be going on with these guys who never like to use condoms.

      1. ^i liked your comment.
        i see the other side of the argument,
        but wouldn’t it be better to shoot the skeet in someone that isn’t a triflin ass hoe?
        i’d want to shoot up in a chick id actually want to be around.

      2. You make a good point…the procreation drive is strong in humans and animals alike, but we know well enough that even though it feels good (teenage years) to nut up in someone’s walls, in this day and age it’s way too risky! I don’t want herpes, gonorrhea, syphilis, or HIV/AIDS…and I’m sure these kats don’t either! At least I would HOPE that they don’t! But time and time again, we read stories of athletes knocking up strippers, cheerleaders, etc.
        Animals get STD’s but they don’t know any better…we as thinking, intelligent (some of us) individuals should know better!

      3. I doubt that humans are the only species to have recreational sex. I suspect that other animals have sex when there is no likelyhood of impregration–such as when the female is already pregnant.

        When used properly, condoms are only 90%-95% effective. That means that they are 5%-10% not effective when used properly. One problem is that guys too often believe “In Condom We Trust” and gamble that they will be on the effective side of the equation and not the ineffective side of the equation. A wise man will use a barrier form of birth control such as contraceptive foam or a cervical cap if a condom is used to increase that effective rate up from 90%-95%. But the vast majority of guys say “In Condoms We Trust” and are surprised when the condom fails and they become fathers.

        In addition, if you have watched “Being Mary Jane”, then you know one story line had her steal the semen of a man that she was dating. And that has happened in real life. The “smart” girls have a man cum in their mouths and then go to the bathroom to spit it out but it goes into a receptical for later insemination with a turkey baster. Or the “smart” ones tell their male lover that they will discard the condom full of cum and what they do is take it to a receptical (and not the trash can or toilet for flushing) and for later insemination with a turkey baster.

        Same thing with gay guy. Many gay guys also believe “In Condoms We Trust” when it comes to HIV protection. Same problem. Condoms rip, tear or come off and these guys often don’t know what to do when that happens and some of them become HIV-positive. (Here, I suggest that my fellow readers Google Prep and PEP regarding HIV infection prevention.)

        The moral of the story: When gay or straight don’t put your life or money in trusting a thin layer of plastic. Condoms break, tear and come off so have a back up plan. And if you can’t take the risk, keep your penis in your pants and keep your pants up and your ass or vagina away from a “loaded” penis. Sex is a serious matter.

      4. This is an excellent comment. Many primitive cultures don’t have words for masturbation and homosexuality because the concept doesn’t exist. Sex to them is about reproducing period. One anthropologist studying a primitive African tribe discovered that couples had sex about 3/4 times a day. Not because it was pleasurable but in their words they “were searching for babies”.

  3. If this is true…what is WRONG with these dudes?!! Are they hypnotized by the fat asses THAT MUCH, that they lose all common sense and slide up in these chicks raw?! Even moreso, why is it always a stripper or video hoe that ends up getting knocked up?!!
    LMAO @ the stupidity…because it’s all about a paycheck in the end. The guys see A$$ and the women see $$$. They forget that these dudes won’t be on top (pardon the pun) for long, and in the end the taxpayers end up taking care of most of the kids.

    1. Condoms really do dull the sensation of vaginal intercourse but dudes need to at least learn to pull out. Of course this isn’t full proof but it reduces the odds.

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